Top Ten Creepy Kids

Kids are creepy, and when someone realised this, horror movies began to reflect it. We’ve compiled a list of ten children you really don’t want to mess with.


10. Samara Morgan

Yes, her Japanese counterpart has a more disturbing backstory, but the fact that Samara is an eleven year old child makes her reign of terror all the more terrifying. She has the ability to project her rage onto a video tape, plus the images of her in the asylum are pretty hard to shake. She never sleeps, is always watching, and just generally looks unsettling.


9. Kyra Collins

The Sixth Sense wasn’t really a scary film, but the lost soul of the little girl slowly murdered by her mother was a pretty disturbing side-plot. The fact that the effects of a violent death stay with her in the spirit world, make her appearances more frightening.

11 8. Gage

The death of a child is rarely tackled in film, but in Pet Cemetery, viewers are forced to deal with the sudden violent demise of Gage, and his terrifying return from the grave more shocking. The brutality shown by Gage towards his family from such a small, innocent looking child really solidifies the dark tone of the film.


7. The Shining Twins

We don’t know what exactly makes twins so scary, but these two are more than a little unsettling. They’re pale, blank faced, and speak in a strange, in-sync monotone. Their trademark phrase “come play with us” should be innocent are carefree, but it comes across as threatening. The overall tone of the film is surreal, but these two top the list of scary images.


6. Zombie Karen

The image of an innocent little girl brutally murdering her mother with a shovel is among the most iconic in horror. We can only image what audiences of the era made of Karen, but even today she manages to shock. The eerie black and white film creates a sense of darkness and claustrophobia, and manages to convey a loss of innocent perfectly.


5. Eli

What’s creepier than a vampire? A child vampire. The American remake doesn’t do justice to how violent and disturbing Eli’s story is in the original film or novel. The coolness of her ability to carry out murders, plus her age with comparison to her physical appearance is unnerving too.

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4. The entire kid cast of Village of the Damned

Identical, blonde-haired kids with piercing blue eyes and total power over their parents make this among the best horror films of the 1960s. And the eyes. You can’t really pin down what’s wrong with them, but they seem to look directly into your soul.


3. Carol Anne

She may be adorable, but make no mistake about it, Carol Anne Freeling is as unsettling as they come. While she’s not completely evil like many of thekids on this list, her creepiness shines through, thanks to her iconic line – ‘They’re heeeeeere”


2. Regan MacNeil

Probably the smartest, and scariest aspect of The Exorcist is the transformation of Regan from innocence and purity to demon possessed maniac. The makeup, obscenities, and voice all contribute to making Regan an image to haunt out nightmares.


1. Damien Thorn

Literally Satan in the form of a human boy, Damien fills us with dread with his every look and movement, despite pretty cute and not really doing anything evil himself per se throughout the film. It’s the implication that he is the embodiment of everything evil, yet looks like the little boy at the end of the street, that makes The Omen so terrifying.