Top Ten Creepiest Christmas Decorations

Christmas ornaments are weird enough to start with. Anthropomorphic reindeer, sentient snowmen, they make for pretty creepy concepts if you think about them for too long. But sometimes they cross the line from questionable, to terrifying. Here’s our pick of decorations you definitely don’t want hanging over your bed.

10. Demonic Santa


Light up decorations are pretty standard. But who thought it was a good idea to stick light bulbs in Santa’s eyeballs? Especially red ones.

9. Surgery gone wrong


Jolly Santa and frolicking reindeer don’t sound that scary, but someone got the clever idea to combine them. We imagine this was the creation of Martin from The Human Centipede II. 

8. Giant Father Christmas

106861_v1There is an acceptable size for Christmas decor, and a couple of stories high is not it. No child wants to see a Santa who could crush them under his foot.

7. Adding legs to inanimate objects

106862Some things should not have legs. A Christmas bauble is one of them.

6. Tortured angels


Angels should embody peace and love. But this angel seems be screaming in pain or terror. There is something deeply unsettling about the expression on it’s face.

5. We don’t trust those elves

kneehuggersEvery one of these elves seems to be looking sideways or with a terrifying grin on it’s face. One of them could be forgiven, but a hoard of them look like they’re planning to launch an attack any moment.

4. Santa meets body horror

160417_v1Another case of putting lightbulbs in Santa’s face. But this time, they seem to have been rammed in there against his will by a maniac.

3. Hobo Santa

160422We’re no experts, but we’re fairly sure no traditional Christmas stories involved Santa losing all of his teeth and having his eyes gouged out.

2. Spawn of Cthulhu

160425This snowman is almost cute. Until you realise the horror that is it’s nose. It’s either some sort of horrifying Cthulhu offspring, or it has a creature burrowing into it’s face.

1. Don’t look directly at it

106867_v1That’s right, this one was so disturbing, they had to cover it’s face. Would you like to see it uncovered?

106868_v1Sweet dreams children!

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