Top Ten Creative Deaths

Everyone loves a creative death. From the grizzly to the insane, they make or break a horror movie. We’ve selected our top ten deaths, ranging from ‘what was the director drinking’ to this face –


So then he…eats the pizza?

Let’s dive right in!

10. Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare – You forgot the Powerglove!


Everyone’s favourite Christmas jumper wearing slasher combined his bladed glove (awesome) and the Nintendo Powerglove (less than awesome). The Powerglove barely functioned, so the idea of Freddy using it for his evil plots is laughable.

9. Final Destination II – The ladders


Say what you will about the Final Destination franchise, but it has some creative deaths. In fact, we could fill up a whole top ten with deaths from the series. Ladders to the eyeball would be my personal favourite. There’s a pretty tense build up, it’s completely over the top, and eyeball squelching has an oddly satisfying sound.

8. Sleepwalkers – Death by Corn


Sleepwalkers featured some of the stupidest creature designs ever…Vampire were-cats. It does however have a scene featuring death by corn. Why is the corn sharp enough to penetrate skin? Who cares!

7. Deadly Friend – Death by basketball


Who knew basketballs were made of steel? Either that or the girl throwing it is The Hulk. The scene makes no sense, but the look on Granny’s face more than makes up for it!

6. See No Evil – Ring Ring


Haven’t you always wanted to do this to that annoying person who’s phone rings in the cinema? We’d love to see this used for the ‘please turn of your phone’ adverts before movies. The scene is made more ominous/hilarious by the fact that the phone rings as it is shoved down her throat.

5. Ghost Ship – Chop Chop


Ghost Ship is only worth watching for the first ten minutes. But the first ten minutes are so full of carnage that the price of the DVD was worth it. From the look on this man’s face, to the twitching legs…this appeals to our slightly twisted sense of humour.

4. Slither – Slow Realisation


You know that friend everyone has who’s always the last to figure things out (kind of like Scooby Doo). Imagine him fighting monsters. We’re not sure if it’s the confused expression, or just the stealth of the monster, but this is awesome!

3. Resident Evil – Fine Dicing


Taking that concept one step further. Why chop people in half, when you can finely dice them. We wouldn’t want to clean up after this one!

2. Brain Dead – Babies are Evil


Just a word of friendly warning. Babies are evil. They scream, they drool, and they rip your skull apart. If you learn anything from cult classic Brain Dead…just get a dog.

1. House – The Whole Movie


We’ve included the above clip of infamous flesh eating piano from Hausu (House). But honestly, we’d struggle to pick the most creative death in this film. Is it the biting severed heads, the killer watermelon, the possessed mattress, the hungry light, the vomiting cat painting, or the sentient clock.