Top Ten Christmas Horror Movies

Ah, Christmas movies. If the thought of It’s a Wonderful Life or White Christmas makes you want to kill kittens, then we have a list of slightly bloodier alternative.


10. Jack Frost

Jack Frost (not to be confused with the wholesome kid’s movie of the same name), is not a good movie. It is however, a very entertaining one. The deaths are really creative and over the top especially the bathtub scene with Shannon Elizabeth.  Besides what says Holiday Cheer more than a homicidal serial killing Snowman!


9. Tales From the Crypt

A housewife that kills her husband in cold blood on Christmas Eve.  Little does she know that an escaped homicidal maniac in a santa suit is on the loose!  Anthology movies are a favourite of mine,  and Tales From the Crypt does not disappoint.  Also Tales From the Crypt TV Series did a gorier and more comedic remake.


8. Santa’s Slay

Saint Nick is out for revenge against an angel that beat him in a curling contest long ago so he slays everyone and anyone he comes in contact with.  It is a rare thing to find a movie that is so bad that it is actually good.  It is not a great movie by any means, but it is a good bad movie!  There are many flaws but a movie where Santa burns and drowns Fran Drescher can’t be all that bad!


7. Don’t Open Til Christmas

There’s nothing like a really sleazy, British horror movie, and this little gem from the 1980s is one of them. A deranged murderer begins killing people dressed like Father Christmas, and Scotland Yard is baffled.The killer hates Christmas in all of its forms and intends for these killings, plus the murder of a young stripper who witnessed one of the crimes, to be the supreme sacrifice to all the evils of the holiday.


6. Christmas Evil

One of the more disturbing outings; after seeing his mother groped by “Santa Claus” (really his dad in costume) as a kid, Harry grows up to want to be the one true Santa Claus and sleeps in his costume and makes naughty and nice lists. When it looks like people are being bad, he makes them pay for defiling the true meaning of Christmas. Nice one to watch over mulled wine with the family then?


5. Silent Night Deadly Night

Clearly, this wasn’t the first horror movie to use Christmas as the backdrop, but for some reason in the conservative climate of the ’80s, with the fear that anything could corrupt our children, parents and critics really took against this movie, to the point where certain theaters refused to play it. It’s a pretty typical 80s affair, but a nice little piece of history.


4. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

In this Finnish film, excavators uncover what they call the “biggest burial mound in the world,” a group of reindeer herders has to contend with the real Santa Claus, a magical and ancient being who punishes the naughty as opposed to rewarding the nice. It’s one of the stranger entries on this list, but a cool take on the ‘evil Santa’ genre.


3. Gingerdead Man

Though there is nothing really Christmassy about thisfilm, gingerbread is the most festive snack of the season and we needed an excuse to include this hilariously titled, terrifyingly weird movie on our list. Garey Busey plays the titular felon, a giant, evil gingerbread man who is cast from the ashes of a crazed killer sentenced to death in the electric chair.


2. Gremlins

Gremlins is a very funny movie  and pretty gruesome gruesome, especially in the infamous kitchen scene in which the lead character’s mother dispatches three of the evil varmints using a blender, a microwave, and a plain old kitchen knife. Originally, the movie was going to be a lot darker, with the character of Gizmo actually becoming the leader of the evil Gremlins, Stripe.


1. Black Christmas

Bob Clark’s 1974 slasher movie is definitely the best Christmas horror film. On the eve of going home for the holiday, the remaining girls in a sorority house are picked off by an unseen psycho who’s hiding inside. What makes Black Christmas so freaky is that we see the killings from the murderer’s point of view, and in fact we spend a lot of time with him in this manner, listening to him hysterically laughing. It’s very unsettling. If that doesn’t make your skin crawl, it’s on too tight.

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