Top Slots Games Inspired By Horror Movies

Casinos look for different ways to attract new members in their gambling. One of the most famous methods is through setting different themes in slot games. These are very easy to design and is a huge attraction for the fans of the specific genre. Many free slots games these days are being inspired by horror movies, some of which are-

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Inspired by the horror flick- A nightmare on Elm Street, this slot game has 30 pay lines. An eerie sound track further adds to the haunting scenario of the game. The game is based on the story of four teenagers who hide a dark secret. These four teenagers are then hunted down by a spirit in their dreams. Every night the spirit hunts down one of the teenager and kills them. The teenager then wakes up dead the next morning. Once the first teenager is dead, the other discuss about their similar dreams. After much research they find out about a man Freddy Krueger, who was killed by their parents. His spirit is hunting them down in order to take revenge. The game comes with five reels and all the symbols included in the game have been derived from the movie.

  1. Halloween

Based on the film Halloween released in 1978 with a remake in 2007, the slot game is from Micro gaming. Just similar to the movie, the story line in the game follows along the life of a person Michael Myers. At a little age of 6, Michael committed a cold blooded murder of his elder sister on Halloween. He was subsequently sentenced for 15 years. Several years later, he escaped a night before Halloween from the prison with an aim of claiming more targets with 50 adjustable pay lines the slot comes with five reels.

  1. Blood Suckers

Inspired by ‘Blood Sucker’ horror movie, the Gaming 1 slot game has the same storyline as in the movie. The story is based on the life of vampire hunters, who are on a hunt for vampires. The vampires are referred as ‘blood sucker’ in the movie. The task of the vampire hunters becomes more difficult, since more and more people who are bitten by vampires, become vampire themselves. The players have to focus on eliminating as many blood suckers as possible while receiving excellent rewards. The five reel and ten pay line slot game is extremely famous among people who love vampires and all fiction related to them.

Hundreds of horror movies have been produced which are loved by fans all around the globe. Many of these movies have entered the free slots games, combining the magic of the most popular horror flick with the entertainment of slot machines. There are numerous and exciting games based on horror movies, which appeal to all those people who want some excitement and adrenaline rush in their lives. The iconic graphics and the spooky background music add to the gaming experience.