Top Horror Scenes in Casino Movies

Casinos have always been the setting for glittery Hollywood movies. Horror in gambling scenes bring the casino to life. Slot games similar to Gold Rally Slot even incorporate horror and violence into their games. Horror movies in casinos generate huge profits.

Dead Man’s Hand 

Dirty dealing in Dead Man’s Hand begins with Matthew Dragna’s inheritance. He and his buddies in California are addicted to online gambling when he inherits his deceased uncle’s casino. Unfortunately, when they arrive at the casino, it’s haunted by ghosts of dead organized criminals. The ghosts band together and are more than a match for the drunken young men. Every hand is a sudden death round. The dead man’s hand is colloquially a two-pair poker hand, black aces and black eights. Old West gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok died holding the very hand.

Set It Off 

Issa Rae hopes to remake the tragic 90s version of Set It Off. The original film cost $9 million to produce and brought in $41 million. Four women portrayed life-long friends in the classic urban cult movie Set It Off (1996). Set in Los Angeles, Set It Off is the double-crossing gun running saga of women struggling with minimum wage jobs and violence until, in desperation, they rob a bank. Casino scenes show the “armed and dangerous” women borrowing guns from career criminals, stealing cars, and tearing each other up.


Set in Las Vegas in the 90s, Dan O’Grady steals a leprechaun’s gold while in Ireland and returns home to the United States. The leprechaun follows him home and tries to kill him. The leprechaun reactivates when Dan’s daughter moves into his home with his son-in-law destroying lives in active horror scenes. This horror film portrays heavy gambling and the notion of pushing your luck. The fantasy of the Leprechaun, exacting justice, dramatizes getting his gold back.

Sourced from Rotten Tomatoes


In Remains, produced by Steve Niles, a nuclear accident turns people into murderous zombies. A desperate group of survivors hiding in an abandoned casino in Reno, Nevada escaped the aberrant zombie horde that becomes stronger and more deadly with every passing day. When the zombies begin eating flesh, the casino saves the movie and makes the film interesting. The casino is fully stocked, and the survivors lack nothing. When Tom leaves believing help is coming, the Zombies get to the survivors. The 2011 apocalyptic thriller is based on the Chiller Network comic book series with the same name.

Ocean’s 13

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon appear in Ocean’s Thirteen, released in 2007. It’s the third American heist movie in the Ocean’s series. Director Steven Soderbergh filmed the movie in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In Ocean’s 13, Danny Ocean plans a third bank robbery with the help of some friends after Willy Bank, casino owner, double-crosses one of his original crew of eleven thieves. Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin join the original eleven in this action-packed violent film.