Here are Some of the Top Gambling Movies of All Time

There are so many great movies out there. In fact, there are just too many to list. That is why we have created this list, to show you the best gambling movies out there so that you can narrow down your choice with ease.

High Roller- Stu Ungar

This is a great gambling movie that is actually a biographical. The idea is simple and close to the heart of everyone who has ever played at a casino for real money. A high roller that was known for being the only poker player to ever win three Main Event WSOP tournaments. This movie is not a thriller and it’s not high-octane at all but it does show the breakdown of someone who once had everything. It shows the gambler’s life from beginning to end and it’s a great watch. It also portrays how the casino industry has changed, including the live casino market too.


The Cooler

William H. Macy plays a very unusual character in this movie. Macy is the cooler of the title. He is a man who has such bad luck, that a casino employs him to stand at the table with anyone who has a hot streak. When he does, the casino’s edge is restored. When the cooler finds that his fortune has been restored, he then becomes a lucky charm. The casinos grow tired of this and the performance is incredible to say the least. This is one movie that you need to watch if you haven’t given it a go yet and you would be surprised at how easy it is to sink into the story.


Seabiscuit might not be focused on casinos but it does tell the story of a jockey, a horse and a trainer. It shows the rags to riches theme and Jeff Bridges gives an incredible performance. He plays someone who is depressed and has one shot at redeeming his future. Seabiscuit looks like a useless horse who was found by a cowboy trainer. Tobey Maguire plays the jockey who goes on to steer the horse through a series of victories. This is the underdog story of the century and you would be surprised at how much heart it has. If you have not watched this movie then now is the time.


This movie features a very young Matt Damon. Rounders tells the tale of a business owner who is able to pay for his university fees by winning a poker game. The film has a star-studded cast. There is John Malkovich and even Edward Norton. The movie culminates a very high stakes game and Malkovich plays the poker baron who Damon has to try and beat. The film is carried by the fantastic performance of the cast and Edward Norton is fantastic. It shows a very authentic representation of how poker gamers are and there is tons of table banter. There aren’t many other gambling movies out there that are as good as this one, so make sure that you give it is a watch if you want something that will spice up your weekend.