Top Comedy Films in 2021

Now more than ever, it’s always important to make ourselves laugh, to get into a positive mood and learn to joke about the dark times that are ahead of us. Comedy movies have become a shining beacon in times like these. Even if you find comfort in other forms of entertainment, like Vulkan bet casino or video games. Sometimes a good comedy is all you need to smile a little more and gain a more positive attitude. With all the bad stuff happening, it has been a complete miracle we have managed to get as good a comedy as any all the same. So here are the best comedies so far to come out for 2021:

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Kristen Wiig returns to her comedy routes in this audacious romp about two best friends taking a fun vacation together. Starring the sexy star, Jamie Dornan, these two girls (along with Kristen Wiig’s screenwriter friend’s return) go on an absolute bonkers adventure where they have all sorts of shenanigans in the sun and the sand. The neon lights and the pastel colourings will leave your eyes wringing as you try to make sense of the utter nonsense that ensures from these two. Two women, one widowed and one abandoned, will grow closer as they make their vacation seem a lot more interesting than what is beneath the surface. 

French Exit

If you are looking for a surreal adventure starring some of the most talented stars in years of film, this nice adventure is sure to have you snickering. Michelle Pfieffer stars with the dependable Lucas Hedge as a mother and son. Given a large inheritance by the husband, they decide to spend his earnings in a surreal wonder of quirkiness and pretentiousness. Feel all classy and learn some valuable lessons on the meaning of moving on. 

Coming 2 America

We all remember one of the raunchiest comedies of the eighties from Eddie Murphy. Thirty-three years later, its sequel has finally arrived to turn some heads and make history once again. The film is now centred on our favourite African character journeying to find his long-lost son, starring a great cast of black talent to make you laugh and cry just like the first movie. This movie proves that Eddie is still in top condition with his wacky comedic talent bringing back other stars of the classic to kick off the fun once again. 

Yes Day

A feelgood family comedy is once again coming to Netflix starring the beautiful Jennifer Garner. In this heart-warming comedy, watch as a family tries to rekindle the joy in their lives by having their very own Yes Day—a day where the parents must say YES to every single one of the kid’s demands. The film itself is said to resemble a close story based on Jennifer’s life. It is hoping that this film will not only bring families together but to experience the joys of life by letting go of their inhibitions. 

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Nicholas Cage once again returns to his stranger roots in a comedy where he places as… Himself? This strange and surreal experience tells the story of Nicholas appearing at a billionaire super fan’s birthday party. But in fact, he is actually a CIA agent where the fan is actually a drug kingpin that needs to be stopped at all cost. He is also going to star in a new Tarantino movie as well. Which is also important for some reason? The movie is as weird as Nicholas Cage gets. 

Free Guy

All-around, favourite funny man, Ryan Reynolds, is starring in a highly anticipated action-comedy with a strange concept. Ryan plays as a boring NPC in a video game (where they are non-playable characters who are just background for the story). However, he begins to become aware of his role and decides to take matters into his own hands. Take part in this incredible story where you see what happens when the boring side character decides to become the main hero. Expect a lot of passionate video game references and a lot of that famous Deadpool charm. You may even learn a little bit about the real world itself. 


It is based on the Tweet narrative that shook the world. Zola is a story that is absolutely insane, starring Taylour Paige and Riley Keough. This biographical comedy-drama explores the story of two strippers who plan to make as much money as possible dancing on every pole in America. This two-day trip changes not only themselves but the way they see the world, encountering laughter, heartache and plenty more emotions. You will not want to miss this deep look into the lives of two ordinary people who find each other and take solace.