Top Canadian Horror Productions

Horror is one of the most popular genres in the entertainment industry today, with millions of people around the globe loving the thrill and adrenaline that horror and slasher movies provide. Over the years this theme has been used in near enough every industry to enhance, improve and appeal to audiences worldwide.

So movies and TV series are just the tip of the iceberg, horror is everywhere. From Halloween Haunt at Vaughan and Haunt Manor at Niagara Falls all the way to slot games like Resident Evil at PartyCasino and Silent Hill developed by Konami, there is no getting away from scary stuff. While many are put off by the scare factor that naturally comes with horror flicks, there’s a real demand for them around the world, with Canada being a hotbed for fantastic horror productions over the years.

The Fly

The Fly, which was filmed entirely in Canada, is arguably the greatest Canadian horror release of all time. Starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis, it sees a madcap scientist on a mission to grab the attention of a female journalist by giving her the exclusive on the research he is conducting on teleportation. His research has had success up to a point, but believes he’s cracked it and proceeds to teleport himself, but disaster strikes when a fly buzzes into one of the transmission booths. This is where the horror begins as Brundle, the scientist, comes out as a completely different person, in what is an epic science gone wrong adventure.


It, which was directed by Andy Muschietti, is another superb Canadian horror production and an instantly recognisable name from the genre itself. The movie stars the likes of Bill Skarsgard, Jaeden Martell and Finn Wolfhard, and is often attributed by many as the reason they developed a fear of clowns. The film itself centres in on the town of Derry, where local kids have been disappearing one after another. This leads to a group of seven kids headed to a place known as ‘The Barrens’, with all seven of them brought together by their scary and strange experiences with the evil clown. They all have the will and determination to kill the clown which is plaguing them and the town.

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead is a household name when it comes to horror movies, having enjoyed success on a global scale. The film, which was filmed in Canada, is a zombie and survivor flick which is a popular sub-genre within horror itself. The movie sees Ana, a normal everyday person, head homes and wake sup the following morning to discover her husband has been attacked by their neighbour, a zombie. Ana, as anyone would, flees and eventually comes across a cop by the name of Kenneth, who is with a group of survivors. They head to the mall for safety, but they can only stay there for so long until they need to find supplies and try and help more survivors.

The horror, slasher and zombie genres have been well stocked by Canadian productions, with several going on to receive world wide critical acclaim. You could say that Canada and Canadians just know what they’re doing when it comes to making horror movies, and these movies have then gone on to inspire the horror genre in other forms of entertainment too such as games, which is also good to see.