Top 6 horror movies for November

November is here and horror movies get a special taste in this period! Halloween was a few days ago and let’s dive deep into the top-tier horror movies of all time.

The antichrist

Lars von Trier’s controversial work Antichrist begins as a psychologically dense marriage drama and increasingly turns into a frightening horror film. The drastic peaks of violence of the last half an hour are surprising mainly because von Trier served us beguilingly beautiful pictures beforehand. The elegiac staging and the outstanding play of the main actors are just as convincing as the surreal metaphors that lure us into the dark forest of the film again and again.

The exorcist

The exorcist brought the horror film a decisive breakthrough: the classic was the first representative of the genre to reach the broad mainstream and was nominated for an Oscar as best film. The film adaptation of the novel caused a revival of occult themes and approaches his subject not out of sensationalism, but in an adult way. The reactionary subtext is annoying, but the oppressive atmosphere and various goose bumps remain in the memory longer.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Blutgericht in Texas

Tobe Hooper’s infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre heralded a paradigm shift in horror cinema: Evil no longer comes from supernatural sources, but lives in people themselves. By breaking with the conventional structures and strategies of the horror genre, Hooper transformed horror films into terror films and left them alone to escalate events to the maximum. The low budget gives blood dishes in Texas a rawness that is difficult to digest. The movies have really creepy and amusing soundtracks. You can find the album on Spotify. As for Spotify, you can apply an easy strategy to get as successful as other top-level creators. Buy Spotify streams for your audio tracks, upload frequently and stay connected with your audience.


Climax is ideal as an introductory film into the work of Gaspar Noé, who once again composes a special film experience. Noé captures the horror trip of a dance ensemble that is secretly administered an LSD overdose – with long planned sequences and a delirious camera, pounding music and energetic actors. Thanks to the formal virtuosity, Climax achieves a highly immersive effect, the director skillfully makes us a part of this party full of de-soulled zombies.

Vampyr – The Dream of Allan Gray

In 1932 Carl Theodor Dreyer created one of the most remarkable vampire films in cinema history. Vampyr is composed much less strictly than the Dane’s other works and draws us into a magical parallel world with a surreal flood of images. The hybrid of sound and silent film creates a fairytale-like atmosphere with beautiful effects – Vampyr is therefore like a feverish dream that can hardly be deciphered in retrospect and is closer to David Lynch than Dracula.

The night of the living dead

The night of the living dead marks the beginning of the modern zombie film. With threatening black and white images, the Kammerspiel established an apocalyptic atmosphere despite the minimal budget. The undead serve primarily as a catalytic element: the external threat brings out the inner conflicts of the protagonists. The hut in which they barricade themselves locks them up together. The gruesome highlights and the unexpected finale leave a lasting impression.

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