The Top 5 New Zealand Horror Movies

The Kiwis seem to specialize in the horror department and you will find and an endless list of highly rated films. New Zealand pioneers in one unique genre of scary movies called horror comedy and it just sets the mood with some gore and dark humor.

The Top 5 New Zealand Horror Movies

If you want to experience horror, you don’t just want to watch any movie – you need something special. Let’s check out some of the top movies originating from the land where Lord of the Rings was shot.

  1. Jack Be Nimble (1993)

This movie is one of the 90’s great works depending on a simple plot and low-budget. Yet the film is wonderfully crafted and thought-out taking viewers out of their comfort zone.

You can experience both death and violence as the abandoned kids Jack and Dora try to get together. The movie tells the stories of people whose life has gone out of control and taken them to the dark side.

  1. What We Do In The Shadows (2014)

If you want a mockumentary where every day vampires are trying to adjust to the modern life, look no more! What We do in the Shadows is one of the best examples of dark comedy based on horror elements.

The plot follows a dysfunctional group of vampires taking the challenges of daily life in Wellington. You know you have joined the team when you can fry an egg on your palms!

The interesting mix of characters dish out gag filled punch lines within an endearing narrative development.

  1. Dead Alive (1992)

You know things are not going to turn out good when you get bitten by a Sumatran Rat-Monkey! That’s exactly what happens to the mother of Lionel Cosgrove who is bitten by a virus carrying rat. She turns into a zombie and starts biting others making them the living dead.

The story is immensely entertaining with loads of gore to get you hooked. Director Peter Jackson from Lord of the Rings shows us once again that talent can turn even a negligible budget to a highly popular cult classic.

  1. Dead End Drive-In (1986)

This early movie coming out in 1986 is sill but guaranteed to entertain you for its duration. We travel to a future where drive-in movies are converted into concentration camps for the outcasts of the society.

People are not really disappointed with their life as they get food and a shelter over their head. But what comes as a surprise is the inmates can indulge in drugs, new wave music and exploitation films!

But why would someone really want to escape from such a place?

  1. The Ugly (1997)

If you can digest an unexplained ending then this one would make your way into books. It has the psychological horror aspect with a psychiatrist and serial killer with 5 years stay at a mental hospital.

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