Top 5 Horror Films About Students

Movies portray college campuses as the best place to be. What they fail to demonstrate is the pressure students face and the toll it takes on them and how they react. You can hire my paper writer to help you with assignments and use your college time on more interesting engagements.


Horror movies capture a part of campus life that many people do not know. Each of the tens of thousands of students on campus is battling one challenge or the other. Horror movies animate these internal struggles and desperate attempts to resolve them. Here are horror movies that have perfectly captured student life.

  1. Happy Death Day

It is one of the highest-rated student horror movies of the current generation. The movie hit the screens in 2017 to a great reception. It takes the intensity of horror movies to a new level. The movie is written by Scott Lobdell and directed by Christopher Landon. It features the best acts by Jessica Rothe and Israel Brousard. The movie was such a sensation that with a budget of only $4.8million, it raked in more than $125million.

Happy Death Day traces the life of a student who is murdered on the day of her birthday. It is a flashback in an attempt to resolve the murder. As time runs backward, she is on a mission to track her killer. She also wants to stop her death.

The movie perfectly captures the life of a college student. Tree, the main character parties her birthday away and does not want to be bothered by any of her family members. She meets her professor who is married yet having an affair. On her way home, she is lured into a tunnel where she meets her death. It is an interesting depiction of the social life of college students. The story was so interesting that it has a part 2 released in 2019 and part 3 in the works.

  • Scream 2

The original Scream is the epitome of horror movie production. It is the second production that takes place at a college campus. Sidney Prescott has now joined campus and is hoping that Woodsboro murders can be forgotten. However, the movie is anchored on the 3rd rule of horror movies which is to never assume that the killer is dead. The movie has mastered the other two rules of a horror movie sequel.

The characters are fantastic and deliver the best story. The scenes are more horrid and the body count keeps growing. Like in all classic horror movies, everyone is a suspect. Some of the victims and perpetrators will surprise you.

  • Cabin Fever

There is always an empty and abandoned cabin in a serious horror movie. It would be normal to be claustrophobic, restless, and irritable when stuck in an isolated place alone or a group. However, the discomfort experienced by Rider Strong is not your ordinary kind.

These college students end up at a cabin with flesh-eating bacteria. It spreads among them, bringing out the worst in each of them. The experience redefines friendships, affecting even the most intimate friends. It is interesting to see what people mean when they say together forever.

  • Urban Legend

Each town has a story. Released in 1997, Urban Legend captures the attention of every viewer because it resonates with the legends you hear about your hometown. The greatest fear is these urban tales becoming real.

The solution to these murders also lies in the legends of the town. It will, therefore, take a person who knows the town and its stories well to resolve these murders. Alicia DeWitt acting as Natalie does the movie all the justice it requires.

  • Truth or Dare

This is not your ordinary truth or dare game. Anyone entering the game must prepare for a curse. The challenge is what befalls you when you get the curse. Can you disentangle from the curse? Only the story can give the details. Lucy Hale is a queen of the screen who will make you never underestimate actors because of the roles they have played in other films.

A horror movie set in college makes you begin suspecting everyone you come across. The action will also push you to look for other movies in the same genre. This is an action-packed collection that will turn you into a horror addict.