Top 3 Horror-Themed Slot Machines

If you’ve ever walked through a casino and wondered what could possibly keep people so glued to their slot machines, so avidly focused on the on-screen action, then you haven’t been playing the right slots.

The best slot machines draw you into a fantasy world with iconic images, thematic music that adds to the experience, and an overall “I’m in a secret room, just me and this game” experience.

There are Wizard of Oz slots, Nordic gods and goddesses slots, even games that look like you’re floating in a giant aquarium. But it’s the horror-themed slots you’re after if you want to step out of your workday world.

Here are three slot machine favorites that use horror to spice up play. You’ll find fear, blood, threats, and werewolves as you seek a jackpot.

Blood Lore

It’s werewolves against vampires in this bloody slot festival. You have to be in a bit of a ghoulish mood to hunt under the full moon for your prey. Your way will be lit by fire, and your enemies have silver bullets. As a werewolf, your goal is to kill the Vampire Queen. But she’s no sitting duck; she’ll be trying to kill you first.

This is a five-reel slot with 20 paylines. You’ll be distracted by beautiful vampires with blood dripping from their teeth, atmospheric temples, and clouds that cover the moon.

The game does a great job creating a spooky ambiance. I suggest playing it after midnight for added thrills. There are online and in-person versions of this slot game.

House of Doom

If you like hard rock music and all of the “Death and Destruction” images that made 80s heavy metal great, check out House of Doom. Considered to have one of the best music reels in the horror-slots world, this game aims to keep players on edge with raw images of skulls and horns and images of “the Abyss.” You can win multipliers by choosing the right skull in the abyss if you can find your way into this fiery pit.

Pentagrams and crosses add to the freaky feel. You’ll enjoy this game, even if you don’t always feel comfortable playing it. There is another bonus “room” in the House of Doom. Get three House of Doom symbols showing anywhere on your reels and you’ll be allowed entrance.

There’s definitely a dark, life after death theme to this game. You can win big—there are plenty of bonus opportunities–but you’ll also jump a foot if someone claps you on the shoulder.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

This game goes heavy on blood and fear. And yes, although we love online gambling sites and playing our favorite games in our pajamas when the games get too scary, I like to play them in person, preferably at a well-lit casino surrounded by lots of people.

In this game, Freddy Krueger pops up, as well as bloody clues and images of those doomed to die. The music is just enough of a discordant background theme to make you feel like something unfortunate is about to happen.

With five reels and thirty paylines, this slot offers constant action, especially if you play Max Bet. There are progressive jackpots and a bonus game with four levels. One of the icons is Freddy’s claw. Get enough claws on your reels and you’ll win free spins.

The “Never Sleep Again” feature keeps the movie theme tied in closely with the gameplay.

Many slot machines have been based on movie franchises, and in the horror genre you can also find Psycho slots, games based on the movie Aliens, and if you’re lucky you can find games based on the movie Halloween.

To Sum It Up,

If you love horror slots, and that feeling that something terrifying is just around the next corner, you’ll find plenty of slot action online and in person.

Some horror buffs will visit Las Vegas and create their own “treasure hunt,” going from casino to casino to search out the best horror slots. The city also offers some ghost and vampire tours that can augment your experience.