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Movie Review: “Coyote” by Trevor Juenger and Starring Bill Oberst Jr.


Coyote is a surreal look into the broken mind of mentally disturbed writer, Bill (Bill Oberst, Jr.) as he
chronicles his nightmares and hallucinations. Compulsive insomnia drives Bill over the edge of sanity as
his aggressive behavior evolves into a sadistic rampage.

I played “Coyote” at my film festival “The Dead in Dixon” on September 27th 2013 and I have been really booked up before that and since; trying to put out all the films in order of receiving them.  I had the pleasure of meeting Trevor Juenger and he’s a really cool guy! The audience did tell me they loved his film and it was great to hear! I had the chance to read up on “Coyote” and that is what made me decide to review it and screen it at “The Dead in Dixon”! I see how some small minded people would ban it or stop it in the middle of it being screened however I am not one of those people that feel I have the right to tell others what they can or can’t handle.. I wanted everyone to have a chance to make up their own mind.
I loved this film and the whole concept was interesting! The man simply goes crazy due to what is perceived to be because his lack of sleep causing raging paranoia! I know how I feel when I don’t get enough sleep and I know I can be a real asshole so I can only imagine how not sleeping for an excessive amount of time can do to an individual! The film captures this without flaw and I was fucking impressed with it from start to finish! Bill Oberst Jr. delivers another fucking awesome performance! This film pushes the limits of what is acceptable for public viewing and should not be taken lightly! There are scenes in this film that made me truly cringe and I have NEVER done that watching any other film! I will tell everyone to watch with caution and an open mind and you will not be disappointed at all!!

Coyote from Trevor Juenger on Vimeo.