Toddler Befriends Spooky Skeleton, Takes Him Everywhere He Goes

Looking for a cute story to put a smile on your face? Meet two year old Theo and his best friend Benny. Theo doesn’t care that Benny is looking a little less than alive, and lacking most of his internal organs!

Theo’s family are from Salt Lake City, Utah. Shortly before Halloween last year, the family’s basement flooded. While cleaning up after the flood, Theo’s mother Abigail discovered the five foot skeleton among other Halloween decorations. Later she planned to take her son to play at a reservoir, but Theo wouldn’t leave for the outing without the skeleton! “He refused to get into the car without his skeleton.” Abigail explained, “So the skeleton came along on a fun adventure with us. Since then they have been inseparable.”

Theo’s mother thinks that he has found ongoing lockdowns hard, and has become attached to the skeleton as his is missing his friends and family. Benny the skeleton now goes everywhere with Theo and although they receive some attention when outdoors, Abigail says most people find the sight funny and cute.

 “This is going to be fun. We’ll just bring the skeleton with us and it’ll be a party.” Abigail told TODAY. “Ever since then, the skeleton’s been coming everywhere with us.”

Benny now joins the family for grocery shopping, swimming, watching movies and bedtime stories. Abigail documents the strange friendship on her Instagram abigailkbrady

“2020 has been probably one of the craziest years in a while and I know it has brought a lot of people a lot of turmoil and a lot of hardship,” she said. “My hope is that this can just spread some happiness. Even if it makes someone’s day for a couple of minutes, that makes me so happy.”