Tips For Surviving Famous Horror Movie Villains


If you’ve watched your fair share of horror movies, you will most likely know how difficult it is to survive in one. These horror movies are populated by some of the worst creatures imaginable. If you are wondering how you’ll fare against them in real life, it all depends on how well prepared you are. 

Please remember that these are just for fun. These scenarios are hypothetical, and are not meant to be taken seriously. So let’s get started.Here are some tips for surviving horror movie villains.

  1. Freddy Kreuger

When it comes to facing Freddy Kreuger, the term “kill it with fire” is key. The tricky thing with Freddy though, is that he does not really exist in our plane of reality. Instead, he haunts our nightmares. This is the place where he is strongest and most dangerous.

If Freddy does come to attack you, it is best that you are ready for him. It is during these times that you are at your most vulnerable. Try to lure him into a scenario that will allow you to attack him with fire. This will allow you to hurt and ultimately kill him.

  1. Jason Voorhrees

If you ever come face to face with Jason Voorhees, you should do one thing. And that’s run. Run for your life and never look back. Jason Voorhees is a towering figure of a man. He has immense strength, and he is virtually unkillable.  Your best chance of survival is to get as much distance from him. 

The key thing when it comes to beating Jason, is the fact that he is deathly afraid of water. One of the best things about horror movie villains is the fact that they have very unusual weaknesses. These weaknesses are usually connected to their earlier lives or how they died. Jason fears water, becausevhe was drowned as a child, and the fear still sticks. If you are to survive an encounter with Jason, you should get as far away from him as possible. Get in a car, and drive as fast as possible. He might be strong, but he won’t  outrun a car. Once you get away, you should go to a place that has large bodies of water. If you have the time, you should set up a dock, in the middle of a lake or river. This will keep you safe from any attacks from Jason Voorhees. 

  1. Pennywise

Of all the creatures in this list, Pennywise the clown may be one of the most dangerous. The creature is a shapeshifter, and is capable of taking any form that it wants. This gives it a great advantage when it comes to attacking people. It is almost a primordial force when it is angered, so it  is important that you know it’s main weakness. Its main weakness is your own courage. If you could show Pennywise that you are not afraid, then you will weaken it enough to kill it.

  1. Dracula

Count Dracula is by far the most iconic, and arguably powerful horror movie villain. He is also the one with the most glaring weakness. He fears the sun, and exposure to it will kill him.  However, a direct confrontation with Dracula is certain death. He is not only supernaturally strong and fast, but he has mind control powers as well. He is also capable of turning into a mist and shapeshifting into animals such as wolves, and bats.

When it comes to facing Dracula, you should be as prepared as possible. Guns are not that effective against him. Instead, it is better if you use stakes to fight him up close. Crossbow bolts and arrows are also effective because they will be able to stop his body from regenerating quickly. The most important thing to have though, is holy water. As a rule, you should pack these up in containers that are easy to pack, and open at the fastest time possible. Why not try Logos Pack? This company could fulfill all your flexible packaging needs at a moment’s notice. 

It is also a good idea to provide as much light to your home, because Dracula like other vampires cannot enter a home without being invited in. By having a well-lit home, you’ll be able to see him, and prepare your defenses.

  1. Michael Myers

The horror movie villain is by far the most iconic slasher flick villain there is, and you should be very careful with him. Michael Myers is not a supernatural villain like all the others. Instead, he is a man that is deranged. To fight him would be a very difficult confrontation, however, it is possible to fight him on a toe to toe basis. 

You should remember though that he is very strong and savage, and will attack you without any mercy. As a precaution, if you get even a hint that Michael Myers is after you then it is important that you have a gun at the ready.

  1. Sadako

Sadako from the Japanese horror classic, the Ring, is a very dangerous villain because you won’t really be able to face her until you have to. Luckily, she is the easiest villain to beat. Just don’t watch the tape. If you don’t watch her tape, then you won’t incur her wrath.

  1. The Wolfman

When it comes to movie villains, the Wolfman is by far one of the most dangerous and iconic. The wolfman is also extremely fast and powerful. Much like Dracula the wolfman, is extremely fast and powerful. As a rule it is best that you avoid a direct confrontation with the wolfman.

 However, if you are forced into a confrontation with him, you should have the right gear. First And foremost, you should have silver on you. This will help ward the creature. However, the only truly effective way to kill it, is to shoot it with a silver bullet. 


If you are wondering whether you’ll survive an encounter with a horror movie villain, you should make sure that you are as prepared as ever. With these tips, you’ll be able to survive an encounter with these horror movie villains.