Tips For Passing Microsoft 70-341 Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server Exam for IT Professionals

Tips For Passing Microsoft 70-341 Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server Exam for IT Professionals

IT certifications play a key role in the career advancement of IT professionals. People who aspire to higher goals understand the importance of these credentials and take enough time to prepare for the exams and pass them. Unlike most industries in the job market where experience and a degree from a reputed institution are good enough to help you get promotions, the IT industry puts more focus on the value of the certifications that the candidate has earned throughout his or her career. These certificates help individuals not only prolong their careers, but also assist them in negotiating their salaries and job promotions.

What is Microsoft 70-341?

This is a unique certification exam,which allows its candidates to gain mastery with very specific elements and tools. The students are required to have a background in either Exchange server roles or Exchange infrastructure. They should also be experienced enough to deal with installation procedures, designingand configuration of Exchange infrastructures, and its overall management. Another prerequisite for taking this exam is vast knowledge in the area of Exchange server roles.

This certification test is called Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and provides a couple of certifications,which are in quite a high demand in the IT sphere: MCP and MCSE. Once you pass this exam, you earn one of these credentials that open up newer avenues for your future career growth. However, you must keep in mind that the exam is a tough one and requires a good preparation and prior knowledge for you to clear it successfully. There are a lot of ways to prepare yourself, and this article will touch upon them.

Who Should Take the Exam?

Some of the characteristics that are a must for the test takers have been discussed above. However, as explained on the Microsoft website, the candidates should have at least three years of practical experience in managing Exchange messaging and Exchange servers in an enterprise environment.The individuals who pass this test and earn the credential often gain higher administrative positions and work as supervisorsand technical leads of professional IT teams.

Details of the Microsoft 70-341 Exam

The first thing that any student needs to know is the list of exam questions and other relevant details. It is a metric on which we subjectively tend to judge the comprehensiveness and difficulty of a test. Well, this Microsoft certification exam is the same in relation to the general pattern. However,its targets, the time limit, the number of questions, and the passing score can vary.

The exam checks the abilities of the candidates in a number of different areas pertaining to Microsoft Exchange Server. Some of these are discussed in this article, but you should understand that the testis not always limited to these subject areas.

First of all, the exam tests the knowledge of its candidates regarding management, configuration,and installation of the Mailbox Role. Secondly, it includes questions about configuration, planning,and management of client access. Thirdly, the exam deals with installation, planning, configuration, and management of transport. And lastly, the testevaluates the candidate’s ability to design and manage Exchange infrastructures. The questions are almost evenly distributed, but there is a slight variation in the number of questions belonging to each segment mentioned above.

The passing score for the exam in 700 out of total 1000. The definitenumber of questions and the exact time limit of the test are never disclosed by Microsoft, but the exam usually lasts for around two hours.

Exam Preparation Process and Challenges

Preparing for any IT examcan be a really great challenge. Considering the routine of office workers, taking the exam might require additional effort. With all other everyday tasks, saving some precious time for your preparation might become a problem. However, this is something that has to be done because without an adequate preparation you will fail to get the certificate, as well assimply waste your time, effort, and money paid for the exam.

There are various ways in which you can prepare for this Microsoft certification test effectively. One of the most effective and fast methods of preparation, which has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years, is the use of exam dumps. Braindumps are Internet platforms where you can find questions and answers pertaining to your chosen IT exam, for example, PrepAway Microsoft MCSE 70-341 exam dumps. With the help of these sites,you can learn by just reading the provided questions and memorizing their answers. It might not be the best way to prepare, but it has proved to be good enough to clear various certification exams, especially if you have a tight schedule to manage.

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If exam dumps sound too risky to you, then you can always opt for the traditional methods of learning like getting finding an appropriate study guide. Exam guides are probably the most tried-and-tested methods of preparation. You can surf the Internet for different exam guides and choose the one that suits your needs.All you have to do is allocate enough time to read it and learn all the exam topics. Furthermore, you can also search for different training courses that are easily available on the Internet.These courses have their own set of benefits.Such training courses automatically systemize your study plan and are bound to make your preparation process as effective as possible. However, on the downside, some of these courses have high fees that discourage many potential test takers from choosing them as a primary method of preparation for the certification exam.

Concluding Remarks

If you are an IT expert, you should try to get as many certifications in this professional area as possible. These credentials should belong to a particular domain to help you master it before moving to another one. You should try your best and start preparing as hard as you can weeks before the actual exam in order to successfully achieve any of the certifications provided by Microsoft 70-341.