Three Horror Shorts To Get Your Heart Pumping This Valentine’s Day

Whether you love it or hate it, that time of year is upon us again. Yep. the gut wrenching, inside twisting, bucket vomiting February 14th AKA St Valentine’s Day has arrived. But wait, you don’t need to go running to the shops for a Heart shaped box of bad chocolate and some half dead flowers. Here’s a list of five short films to scare your loved one into your arms and get their heart pounding!

Because when it comes to a horror enthusiast there is only one thing that we could possibly want on a bloody day like ‘Valentines day.’ whilst others are being wined and dined we want to be thrilled and chilled to our cores by copious amounts of gore! Yes, we want to do nothing but gorge ourselves on horror!

So, to spook things up a bit since short films are one of my passions I thought I’d compile a list of short horror Valentines inspired films for you and your lovely to turn off the lights and cuddle over this sickly season.


If you love quirky, comedic shorts then this will certainly raise a giggle out of you. Found on CRYPT TV , ‘Valentines Die’ is an awesome short film about a killer cupid and the wrath that he brings when ‘adulterers’ mess with his time of year!

Writer and director Graham Denman created a brilliant piece that I simply loved. The message was strong an important part to the plot.

Shooting straight for the heart, this is definitely one not to be missed.


A micro short in under two minutes ‘Be Mine’ is a horror film that focuses strongly on the killer. For a micro short the plot holds very well and the acting is good. I enjoyed the final scene as it is shot rather beautifully and is very romantic (in a horror freaks mind that is)

It seems even the maniacs can get into the Valentine’s day spirit with this artistic short.


Superfreak media provides you with another micro short entitled ‘my sweet valentine’ a sickly, lovey dovey POV that explores the dark psychosis of a killer. I include this one on the list as the ending is pretty disturbing and gory (and we all know that it wouldn’t be valentines without the colour red!) so this just has to be included.

Here’s to love without boundaries, it is simple but effective!

So there you have it, my top three pics of horror shorts especially for Valentines Day! Now I know the season is usually for cutsey and lovely things (urgh…who wants that really!) but we are the people of Horrorland and we want things hot and visceral, not tepid like a day old victim, so that we cling to our loved ones more intimately than ever before!

You can watch all of the shorts below.

You won’t need to look far for a thrill. These are a few underappreciated gems that need more exposure!

Enjoy fiends. Oh and happy bloody Valentines!

 By Rebecca Kolodziej

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