This Terrifying House in the Woods is Home to Hundreds of Spooky Dolls

Like a scene from a fairy tale, this whimsical cottage sits in woodland near Prague. In this otherworldly setting, the cottage appears to be a peaceful and secluded spot in the vast woods. Get a little closer however, and it becomes obvious that the house is surrounded by eerie abandoned dolls.

Many of the dolls are missing skin, limbs or eyes – while others appear to be hanging from nooses and suspended from the bizarre house.

The strange collection is owned by Lubomír Votava, a former bodyguard and adviser of a Czech right-wing politician Miroslav Sládek. Local opinion is divided on the house, with some neighbours finding it an interesting curiosity, and others viewing it as unpleasant and unnerving. The owner claims he doesn’t intend to frighten visitors, but is preserving discarded toys while would otherwise occupy landfills.

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