This Horror Themed Bar Offers Scary Cocktails and Movie Screenings

The newest horror hangout is an impressively themed bar located in Denver, Colorado. As well as offering themed cocktails and a social space decorated with horror movie memorabilia – the aptly named Horror Bar also host nightly screenings of classic horror films.

As its Instagram bio reads, Horror Bar is “a cocktail bar for fans of the strange and unusual.”  Owner Nate Szklarski explains that although originally aimed at die-hard horror fanatics, the space is a welcoming experience for a much wider group of customers. “I had this whole demographic in my head that we were shooting for,” he explained. “What we didn’t expect, however, was the variety of people that showed up who found something to love.”

The cocktails are suitably themed around iconic films, with the unique drinks including ‘The Facehugger’, ‘Skull Island’, ‘The Black Lagoon’, and ‘The May Queen’.

Visit their Instagram page for updates on film schedules and new cocktails.