This Artist is using Chemistry to Grow Crystals on Dead Things


Tyler Thrasher is taking taxidermy to the next level, and making it a lot more sparkly!

Though not a taxidermist himself, the Oklahoma artist is taking found animal skulls and insects and using chemistry to grow crystals on them. His art walks the line between the macabre and the beautiful, images of death and decay adorned with natural sparkles.



Tyler first became interested in crystal during high school chemistry, and solidified his interested exploring caves and caverns. Initially when Thrasher began to crystallize things, the end-product formed pretty randomly, though he now has techniques to refine his art. He assembles pieces of crystal sculpture together with glue, and melts off small sections to create more distinct shapes.



Tyler aims to crystallise an entire skeleton, or a tree at some point in his career. “It’s a very weird fulltime job,”  Tyler has said, “Whenever someone asks me what I do, I can’t just tell them, ‘I crystallize dead shit.’”





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