Thirteen Real World Locations Straight Out of a Horror Movie


Nope, Tim Burton didn’t design this Polish forest. There’s a few theories explaining why around 400 trees in the ‘Crooked Forest’ have a 90-degree bend at their base, but no one is completely sure.

Cursed Church

This church in the Czech village of Lukova was abandoned in 1968, but revived by artist Jakub Hadrava who installed eerie hooded figures in the pews.


In the middle of the Nevada desert, along Highway 95 is the scariest motel in America. The walls are lined with thousands of clown toys and paintings in this motel positioned close to the old Tonopah Cemetery.

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Camp Beechwood was once a thriving Summer Camp used by the Girl Scouts of America. Since being abandoned twenty years ago, The camp, at Lake Ontario now resembles a post apocalyptic Camp Crystal Lake.


There’s a Tanzanian lake which, due to it’s unusual pH levels causes animals who touch it to appear to turn to stone.


Danvers State Asylum is one of America’s most notorious abandoned asylums. The Massachusetts institution became dangerously overcrowded in the 1930s, with  lobotomy, electroshock therapy, insulin shock therapy, and drug therapy being used to restrain and control patients.


Just south of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimico you can find a small island with a sad background and an eerie story. The dolls, which hang from trees with missing limbs, are placed to appease the spirit of a young girl who drowned in the canals.


There’s something incredibly spooky about a property which has been abandoned in a hurry. This German doctor’s manor contains perfectly preserved human specimens and medical equipment from the past.


No, it’s not a hotel built by Jigsaw. An anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota is scientifically the quietest place on earth. Apparently the lack of all noises cause visitors to become disoriented, struggle to stand, and suffer hallucinations.


Deep below the streets of Paris lies the catacombs – the final resting place of thousands of human remains. In total the winding catacombs stretch over 300 kilometers (186 miles).


Turkmenistan is home to what might just be a direct portal to Hell. At the heart of the Karakum Desert sits a crater of fire the size of a football field that’s been perpetually burning now for almost fifty years.


Bat Island is a small island in Indonesia, home to thousands of fruit bats. The nightly migration of the flying foxes is said to be an amazing, if eerie event to witness.


The largest underwater cave in Texas has been known to swallow people whole, with several deaths a year being attributed to the notorious diving spot.   From the opening, Jacob’s Well descends vertically for ten meters, then continues downward through a series of silted chambers, finally reaching a depth of forty meters.