Horror Movie Review Guy Launches Kickstarter for ‘The VHS Store’

VHS Cassettes_6

When we highlighted our pick of the top horror YoutubersHorrorMovieReviewGuy was high on our list of must-watches. His personal and reflective look at horror movies makes his channel extremely worth checking out. Now Patrick Slattery, the man behind the reviews is launching a new project – and has turned to Kickstarter for support.

His planned new web-comedy series is called The VHS Store, and it focuses on a man in his thirties who is struggling to let go of his childhood. As the VHS era ended, the character has disdain for the new era rolling in and technology. The character will bring you in to his store for each episode. The theme of the show will surround the experience of a VHS night but all gags and play will be based off the movie and creative additions.

Patrick is looking for a pretty modest sum of $750 for the project, which will be used to equip the series with props, lighting and VHS tapes. Head over to the Kickstarter page now to support The VHS Store.