The Spookiest Online Games

Image: Whether you prefer your spooky games with a dash of Halloween fun, or a feeling of genuine peril, we have the perfect online game for you.

Got to the bottom of your watch list? Finished the works of Bram Stoker? It might be time to kick back with a spooky online game. Gone are the days when you had to go all the way to the store to fetch a new game, now you can play brilliant games in your browser, or even download new releases. Whether you’re truly fearless and love nothing more than an edge of your seat horror, or you just prefer a bit of light-hearted Halloween style spook, there are game developers out there who’ve got you covered. These are some of the spookiest games out there with a gaming style to suit every ability.

House of Celestina, The Fearless Gamer

If you’re after a heart-stopping, jump scare based game then House of Celestina is it. This horror game tasks you with finding various pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, inside a house that is owned by the terrifying Celestina, who really doesn’t want you there. This game is available in a 3D format which looks great through a headset but sadly isn’t available on mobile. Navigating around the house is truly nightmareish, you’re given just a small window of semi-light to scan around the rooms, whilst the rest remains in inky black darkness. Once you’ve found all of the pieces of the jigsaw, you’ll reveal the darkest secret of the terrifying monster within. A little tip for you, do everything in your power to avoid looking at Celestina, if you catch her eye, then it’s curtains for you. We love a spooky game here at Popcorn Horror and this one ticks all of the ghostly boxes.

Halloween Slots, The Casual Gamer

If you occasionally spend five minutes on a mobile game, or sneak on to your laptop once in a blue moon for a gaming session, then you probably want something that is super easy to pick up. Slot games are super simple for beginners, you just decide the amount you want to wager and press the button. With the invent of free slots you don’t even have to choose a wager amount. There are a great deal of spooky slot machine games out there and Vegas Slots Online has reviewed some of the best. On their website you’ll find slots that are both pay to play and free play including chilling titles such as Wolf Run, Black Widow and Halloween, the one we’ll be talking about today. This slot game features a creepy soundtrack as well as some interesting characters on the reels. You’ll be playing alongside a Stoker-esque vampire and encountering witches, black cats, voodoo dolls and skeletons along the way.

The Owner is Dead, The Detective Gamer

The Owner is Dead is a new release from KOEX studio and it is truly bone-chilling. The game was released in December of last year to rave reviews for its simple but haunting illustrative style. You arrive at an old friend’s house and open the door to have it slam closed behind you. All you can smell in the air is death, but you have no idea how this happened to your friend. Your mission is to find out. Taking a point and click format, this game is based on problem solving and lateral thinking. The addition of the haunting organ music soundtrack builds tension in the necessary places and provides a glum sort of eeriness to the whole experience. Warped and twisted paintings on the walls create a definite sense of unease. Whilst it certainly isn’t a jump scare game in the way that the House of Celestina is, it’s definitely a great deal scarier than the more light-hearted Halloween slot game. You can easily lose hours playing this puzzling game and the best news is its completely free. You can play at Play Mini Games as well as through the KOEX website.

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