The Longest Movie Franchises

We have new movies that are being released each day. And while some of the movies are brand new, some have been rebooted, remade and have several episodes to them. It is those movies that we want to look at today as we explore some of the longest ever movie franchises.

Godzilla, 67 Years, 1954 till present

Godzilla was first created as a way to show the effects of nuclear power after the second world war. It was created in Japan and was originally called Gorija directed by Ishiro Honda. But despite the meaning of the first movie, it attracted the attention of many directors and viewers from all over the world. And from that time it has gone through several remakes and reboots. But what still stays the same is that Godzilla is powered by nuclear energy. We are even sure that you will come across a few best casino sites slot games with the Godzilla theme as well.

James Bond, 59 Years, 1962 till present

James Bond is the spy that everyone but the villains in his movies knows. The movie has been around since 1962 with the main character James Bond being played by several different male leads. The spy never seems to get caught and even when he does, he always finds a way that he can escape.

Planet of the Apes, 53 years 1968 till present

Planet of the Apes has gone through several remakes and reboots. But what stays the same in the movies is that Apes have human-like intelligence and ability to play at an online casino like casinosnz , they either want to rule a planet or the planet is already theirs. 

Honourable Mentions

The list of movie franchises is never-ending and a few of those great movies also include Rocky, Star Wars, Halloween, and Star Trek to mention but a few. All of which have passed the test of time and have had several directors finding new ways to tell their stories.