Crowdfund Spotlight: THE INDESTRUCTIBLE


I love checking out crowdfunding horror projects, seeing what’s in the pipeline for indie horror and checking out the directors of the future. Here’s an interesting one, a short film called The Indestructible which blends live action and animation techniques.

The Indestructible is about a disturbed and delusional teenager with a passion for illustration who must go to disturbing extremes to earn the approval of his peers the only way he knows how. Eventually his reality and fantasy become blurred.The Indestructible deals with several issues that are very relevant today. The film discusses bullying, mental illness, peer pressure, religion, glorification of violence, the military industrial complex and many more issues affecting us.


The team are crowdfunding, looking for $8000 to achieve the project. There’s a lot of cool rewards, including t-shirts, the chance to name a character and signed memorabilia from the film. You can go to IndieGoGo and support the campaign here, and check out the pitch for the film below.