Artist Calvin Chua Re-Designs ‘The Fly’s’ Transformation Effects

Artist and illustrator Calvin Chua is a huge fan of horror and sci-fi. He set himself the challenge of redesigning the famous Brundlefly transformation in a 3D environment. The result is a pretty awesome rendering of the iconic body horror creature. It’s a little more ‘fly-like’ than the film – possibly a nod to the original Vincent Price movie which inspired Cronenberg.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.48.22

Calvine explains: “The challenge to design this monster is that it is crossing species quite drastically, and you get to see the development. It starts from flesh and skin infection to deformation, and then slowly the parasite reveal itself, and it is taking control of the host. Stage 4 and stage 5 is the biggest challenge and the most fun part, because it is at its turning point, that you want the audience terrified but also sympathize with Brundle. At this stage the percentage of how much human feature being revealed is critical.”

brundle fly transformation animation

“The full body Brundle fly use the basic structure and poses of an insect, but with distorted and infected flesh, cross over with insect patterns, hairs and leg parts. The middle legs only revealed at the end of the transformation, which affects the pose and walk cycle, making it completely non-human.”


He also designed the teleportation pods from the film, stating – “I love the design of the telepod in the movie because it resembles the pupa of a housefly, which inspired me to take the shape of a butterfly pupa and ‘geometrifly’ it. I decided to leave some parts exposed or less cover up, to convey the idea that it is still an experimental unit, also to emphasis practicality rather than aesthetic. The extra cables linking different devices on the surface help to sell this idea. They were arranged to resemble vein pattern that can be seen on some pupa.”

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