The Flock: Horror Game Shuts Down When All Players Die


Here’s an interesting horror project that caught our attention. The Flock is a competitive horror game attached to a ticking clock. Players take on the role of monsters collectively called the Flock, and are seeking the Artifact, a light-filled item that transforms whomever holds it into a new creature. The goal is to hold the Artifact for the longest stretch of time, fighting off Flock monsters with the object’s light.

But here’s the twist.  While moost games are built with longevity in mind, The Flock, developed by indie Dutch studio Vogelsap—is about temporariness. Vogelsap explained that when The Flock launches on Steam, the game world will feature an overall population of Flock – the monsters you spend much of your time playing as. Each player death in-game will result in the permanent death of one Flock until the population has dwindled to nothing.

“After the ending, the game will go offline permanently and no longer be playable,” the developers explained. It has been conformed that The Flock’s population would be embedded in the game’s menus, Steam store page, official site and The Flock’s sub-reddit, so there is not ambiguity about how many lives remain.

The Flock

“We want the game to have a climactic finale after which people will fondly remember the game, instead of it to slowly wither away,” the developer told Eurogamer. “There is no second season coming. No planned sequel.

This game has been designed with a goal to make an immersive, tense/scary and unconventional experience. These things don’t last unfortunately. So from all perspectives there’s a big theme to it, as the Flock are a tragic race that’s doomed to extinction,” creative director Jeroen van Hasselt explained.

Find out more about The Flock at its website.

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