Terror Takeaway – A Horror Film About Pizza

Terror Take Away is the second film by Alberto Bogo, the Italian director whose first film Extreme Jukebox, in 2015, was distributed by the famous Troma Entertainment.

Bogo returns with a film that he describes as “A political horror at George Romero”, full of old school splatter effects, violence, beautiful girls and grotesque humour!

The director adds: “Italy is famous in the world for the Mafia, the mandolin and … the pizza”. But no one had ever thought of making a film focused on the latter … Isn’t it incredible? I have found a solution to this!”

The film is about a mysterious pizza delivery killer, whose actions are exploited by an unscrupulous businessman, who organizes an absurd game in his luxurious villa … “It is a film that tells a little bit about what Italy has become today “ends the Director.

Terror Take Away has already an Italian distribution in theatres scheduled for Halloween 2018, thanks to the Movieday platform.

Produced by David Ferrando, Sonia Passarelli and Lucio Basadonne, Terror Take Away will be present at the next Cannes Market, looking for an international distribution.

Check out the trailer below, and find more information on Facebook and Instagram.