These Terrifying Paintings Are Created by 11 Year Old Horror Artist

Let’s be honest – most kids artwork is super cute hanging on the fridge, but probably wouldn’t fit in at a horror convention. We feature many awesome artists on Popcorn Horror, but we had to share these extremely impressive works influenced by iconic horror movies. Unbelievably, the artwork is the creation of eleven year old Joel Mitchell, also known as Class-Axe Art.

Fallen angels, corpses and demons are all brought to life by the young artist. “I don’t know how to describe it,” he said in an interview with CBC Radio’s Edmonton AM. “Scary.”

Joel found a passion for heavy metal when he was very young, fascinated by the dark artwork in his parents record collection. Iron Maiden mascot Eddie was the starting point for Joel creating his own horror art. “He really liked the character Eddie their mascot and he was pulling out the records and amazed with them — and the music, too. He knew all the words at a very early age,” his father explained.

Joel’s parents are also big horror fans, and their son grew up watching iconic films like Friday the 13th, and Halloween. Now Joel is heading to his first convention to showcase his art to his local horror community. He is set to take part in the new Dead by Contaking place later this month. Even more impressive, his art has been featured in the second season of The Exorcist television series after an former employee from the family comic shop showed the cast and crew his work.

“She ended up showing one of the actors, Ben Daniels, some of Joel’s artwork,” his mother said. “He requested that Joel do a piece for the bible that he draws in on the tv show. I was very proud. I don’t how else to describe it. I’m proud of him.”

There is currently a GoFundMe to help Joel with purchasing art supplies and attending horror conventions to showcase his work, which you can check out here.