Ten Terrifying Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try at Home

We’re well into the Halloween season, and probably at critical costume planning stages. We’ve found ten truly scary Halloween makeup ideas, from macabre clowns to iconic slasher icons. So grab you’re fake blood, give them a go, and show us the results by tagging us on Twitter (@PopcornHorror)


YouTuber Pinkstylist has built up a reputation for his horror makeup tutorials, which include several American Horror Story characters. This one, walks the viewer through how to create the ‘White Nun’ featured in the the secord season; Asylum. It’s more simple than some of the others in terms of detail, but a striking, unsettling costume sure to scare your friends. 


Jason’s a classic, but running down to the local costume shop and grabbing a hockey mask can feel a little…phoned in. Here’s a fresh take on the Crystal Lake slasher from YouTuber Madeyewlook.


We’ve seen every iteration of the zombie costume; zombie nurse, zombie president, zombie seventeenth century philosopher. But here’s a zombie makeup tutorial with no fake blood or prosthetics involved. iwanted2c1video has created a tutorial for this cartoonishly bright pop art zombie.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 18.00.34

Was anyone else shoved into one of those cutesy pumpkin costumes as a baby? Reclaim the Jack O Lantern as a legitimately scary costume with this fantastic makeup idea from Instagram user jordanhanz.


Fancy a throwback to classic horror? This ‘Made of Plastic‘ tutorial would be awesome for a House of Wax inspired costume. And no, we don’t mean the remake!


The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington isn’t really scary, but this makeup design from Linda Hallberg turns Tim Burton’s loveable hero into something much spookier. Check out more images here.


Nikki Shelley (also known as The Painting Lady) is a mother who turns herself into terrifying creatures using just face paint for her children’s entertainment. We particularly loved this VHS inspired monster, but you can check out more of her creations here.


This mad clown combined with Billy the Puppet from the Saw franchise will certainly freak out any coulrophobic guests at your party. DeviantART user patatazul created this costume with facepaint – and it’s stunningly creepy.

maxresdefault (1)

Alex Faction‘s open-mouthed demon is surprisingly easy to pull off, but will definitely turn heads at a Halloween party. You can check out his step-by-step tutorial on YouTube if you fancy recreating this look.


And finally, this piece by Khdd is titled ‘Don’t Fall Asleep‘. It’s the perfect Halloween costume to hide in the shadows and terrify passersby.

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