The Most Terrifying Clothing Line You’ll Ever See


How much would you pay to look like a relation of Leatherface, or an Ed Gein cosplay? Artists Kayla Arena and Toby Barron have designed a range of clothing and accessories which are guaranteed to haunt your nightmares.


The collection is named after Gein himself – one of America’s most notorious criminal figures. The murderer and body snatcher was known as  The Butcher of Plainfield – and served as the inspiration for many horror films. As well as killing his victims, Gein was discovered to have been crafting bizarre trophies, clothing and furniture from their remains.


The creators claim that the “Drop Dead Sexy Boots” and other creations are “hand sewn together with love and spooky thoughts” – which may well have been what Gein thought about his own macabre craft projects.