Ten short horror films to watch this Halloween

Sometimes the best horror stories can be told in a very short timeframe. We’ve put together a list of our Top Ten short horror films, celebrating the independent filmmakers who have made us scream in under 30 minutes.

10. Cargo

Cargo manages to bring something fresh to the zombie genre in an age where every angle has been done to death. Created by Dreaming Tree Productions Cargo is the touching story of a father attempting to save his baby daughter against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse.

9. Off Season

Off Season is the story of an alcoholic burglar who makes a terrifying discovery on his search for a full bottle. It is a beautifully shot film, set in the Georgian Bay region of Ontario. Directed by Jonathan Van TullekenOff Season is genuinely haunting and unbelievably creepy.

8. SAW 

All though Saw is now known as one of the most profitable horror franchises in history, it began life as a short film used to pitch the idea to several studios. Made on a budget of just $3000, and filmed over eight days, it’s a fascinating look at the humble beginnings of one of horror’s biggest success stories. 

7. Velvet Road

Velvet Road is a zombie film taking place in the racially challenged 1960s South. L. Gustavo Cooper’s features awesome scenery, gruesome horror effects, and a powerful message. Zombies do not discriminate, when they attack – we are all equal.

6. Eel Girl

Eel Girl is the perfect blend of body horror and sci-fi. Despite the central character – the eel girl herself – having no dialogue, a great deal of horror is conveyed through body language and suggestion. All of the effects are achieved without CGI, and manage to look extremely impressive.

5. Bad Moon Rising

Scott Hamilton’s Bad Moon Rising proves that the werewolf film is not dead yet. Although currently in development as a feature film, the original short achieves fantastic creature effects on a budget.

4. Incubator

Incubator by Pretty People Pictures is a truly horrific tale. Gory and intense, it tells the familiar urban legend of awaking in a bathtub to find a kidney missing – but with a shocking twist. It’s uncomfortable viewing, and as a result – body horror at it’s best.

3. Dysmorphia

Dysmorphia is the first part in Andy Stewart’s planned body horror trilogy. We watch a tormented man aim to ‘perfect’ himself in the most shocking, horrific manner. With amazing sound and a fantastic performance from the lone actor, Dysmorphia is a haunting and extremely unsettling film.

2. Monsters

Robert Morgan’s Monsters is an examination of childhood fear. Following two arguing siblings, the film features some genuinely horrific imagery and manages to blur the lines between fantasy and reality through the eyes of a child.

1. Suckablood

Suckablood is what happens when fairy tales go very, very wrong. Part of an ongoing series by the awesome Bloody Cuts the film is a cross between feverish nightmare and nursery rhyme with nods to the works of Edgar Allen Poe. With stunning makeup effects and a fantastic eerie setting, we’ve selected it as our favourite short horror film of all time!