Ten Reasons Halloween is the Best Season of the Year

For horror fans, Halloween is our Christmas! It’s the time of year we get to decorate our homes the way we like, dress up as our favorite characters, and binge watch our favorite horror movies. So, why do we wait all year for Halloween? What are some of the highlights of the holiday that we love to experience every October? Here at Popcorn Horror, we are counting down to Glasgow Horror Fest 2018, crafting a perfect Halloween weekend for Scottish horror fans! Tell us some of your favorite Halloween traditions, and why it’s the best season of the year.

10. All the best goodies hit store shelves. 

Around the beginning of  October, stores begin loading up their shelves with an assortment of sweets, biscuits and cakes with a spooky theme. Here in the UK, a good Halloween haul usually includes various mini chocolate bars, assorted chocolate in the shape of bats, ghosts and witches, seasonal Haribo – and usually some fruit thrown in there. Bonus points if you draw pumpkin faces on the tangerines. Over in the US, candy corn and Reece’s Cups are the snacks of choice. Suddenly, the closer it gets to the 31st; the more acceptable it is to eat chocolate for breakfast.

9. You can experience fear in a safe environment. 

While none of us want to be in a terrifying real life situation, a bit of a scare at Halloween is something many look forward to. And it’s been proven that the safe environment of Halloween activities is a great way to boost adrenaline and dopamine levels. That buzz you experience in a haunted house, scare attraction or watching a frightening film is thought to have health benefits too. A recent study has shown that safe fear may even help our mental health – so head out the your nearest scary attraction this October. (If you’re in Glasgow, we promise safe scares at our escape room)

8. Pets look adorable in costume. 

While dressing your pets up every day is not a great idea, a comfortable and safe Halloween costume for a quick photo is among the greatest joys of social media in October. No, we don’t want to see your baby drooling or 127 angles of your face – but your bunny dressed as a T-Rex is going to make our day!

7. It’s a chance to act like a kid, even if you are no longer one. 

Even if you have passed the age considered socially acceptable for Trick or Treating (which we argue should be never!) – there’s still a lot of opportunity during Halloween for fun, whatever your age. And if you have your own children, you get to Trick or Treat with them under the guise of being a responsible parent!

6. There are so many good films to choose from. 

You might want to watch Halloween movies in summer – but other people might not be so keen on joining you. In October, you can put on a range of themed films and expect to have company to watch them. From old classics, animation and gruesome horror – there’s something for everyone. Some of our favorites include Trick R TreatThe Addams Family, and of course the Halloween series.

5. You get to be creative. 

Even if you don’t have the time to be creative in daily life, there are lots of opportunities at Halloween. Designing a costume, carving pumpkins, decorating your home, face painting – even if you’re not an artist, inspire you to create something. Show us your creations on social media this Halloween!

4. Normally dull places are livened up. 

Unlike the Christmas season, when the first week of November marks everyone complaining that tacky tinsel and irritating songs are everywhere, Halloween doesn’t get the representation it deserves. The fact that the decor, products and music are only encountered in the wild for a few weeks a year means them much more appealing. Stores, waiting rooms, and public buildings – get the ghostly bunting out!

3. All the TV channels have Halloween content. 

Whether it’s screening classic horror films, sitcoms getting a seasonal episode, or talk shows throwing up some cobwebs and explaining how to make pumpkin pie – there’s no doubt that Halloween makes television more interesting. Even the cartoons often have themed episodes, and television Halloween specials are among the best seasonal films ever made.

2. You get to be somebody else for a day. 

Whatever you do in regular life, you get the chance to decide who to be for one day of the year. Whether that’s a chainsaw wielding killer (no judgement!), a superhero or something of your own creation – it’s fun to try out a different identity.

1. Halloween events are awesome. 

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights kicked off this week, with fans all over America flocking to the legendary event. But for the majority of us who aren’t near the park, or don’t have the budget – you will almost certainly find something local to do during the season. Clubs, bars, film screenings, pumpkin patches, markets, festivals, conventions, and haunts are just a few of your options. Even better, most of these events encourage attending in costume.

If you’re a UK horror fan, join us for Glasgow Horror Fest 2018 – October 27 – 28. We have two days of incredible films and Halloween entertainment lined up for horror fans in Glasgow this October.