Ten Ooky Spooky Home Halloween Activities for Little Monsters

There is less than a week left until the 31st October, and for many of us Halloween is set to look a little different in 2020. If you have little monsters excited to celebrate the spooky season, but are concerned about the risks of traditional Halloween activities – we have the solution!

Here are ten haunting, spooky ideas for Halloween activities for kids and families.

1. Become Mad Scientists

The mad scientist is a staple of spooky stories dating back to Frankenstein. Try out some kid friendly science experiments including fizzing pumpkins, growing monsters and bubbling potions for a fun learning experience.

2. Make A Ghostly Garland

A fun Halloween craft activity that everyone can get involved with is garland making. Cut paper, wool or leftover fabrics can all be used to make decorations that you can use every Halloween.

3. Make A Sinister Silhouette Window Display

All you need to make striking silhouettes for your windows is some card or tissue paper. Simple spooky designs work best when Illuminated at night.

4. Paint Halloween Rocks

The tradition of leaving painted rocks around the neighbourhood for people to discover is gaining popularity. Spread some seasonal joy to others by sharing rocks with Halloween designs.

5. Design A Haunted Fairy Garden

Fairies aren’t always beautiful, delicate creatures. Use homemade props to build a miniature garden for some wicked fairy visitors. You could include Jack O Lanterns or a graveyard – plus black cats and scary spiders.

6. Have A Halloween Treasure Hunt

If trick or treating is off the agenda this year, how about engaging the kids in a different fun activity to collect candy? Create creepy clues and send them searching the house and garden for the goodies.

7. Learn to Make Fake Blood

Kids can learn to mix their own stage blood using safe, edible recipes. Use the mixture to complete zombie or vampire costumes.

8. Play Traditional Halloween Games

Halloween doesn’t need to be high tech. Learn about the history of traditional Halloween games and play them as a family. Activities like dunking for apples and telling ghost stories have been popular with children for hundreds of years.

9. Make Scary Snacks

There are hundreds of Halloween recipes out there, but if you’re looking to keep things simple then this no-cooking-required idea might be for you. Avoid the stress of kids handling hot food and try out these ghostly popsicles.

10. Make glittery Halloween slime

Kids of all ages love slime! This recipe for glittery slime with spooky eyeballs is perfect for messy Halloween sensory play. You could use small plastic cauldrons to scoop up the slime and create colorful witches potions.

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