‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Horror Makeover

Dan Polydoris of Chicago Toy Collector has released an awesome Halloween themed toy modification – turning Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures into iconic slashers. He explains “In the 90’s, Playmates created a line of Ninja Turtles for just about everything, including Olympians,astronautsUniversal monsters, mildly racist Wild West characters, and more. Those crappy (in a good way) Ninja Turtle sets were the inspiration to make some of my own vintage-style custom Ninja Turtles based on classic horror movie slashers.

I kit-bashed about a dozen different vintage figures to create these guys (individual breakdowns below), and I even accompanied them with a logo similar to the kind Playmates used for each of their lines. Given the company’s love of alliteration and apostrophes (ie. Mutant Military Turtles, Rock n’ Rollin’ Turtles, Wacky Wild West Turtles, etc…), this line was dubbed “Sewer Slashin’ Turtles.”



Mikey Myers:
Undercover Don’s body and arms
Star Trek Raph’s head
Make My Day Leo’s crotch
Rappin’ Mike’s legs
Robotic Bebop’s sword


Leatherface Leo:
Crazy Clownin’ Mike’s body
Make My Day Leo’s arms
Slapshot Leo’s head
Star Trek Turtle’s crotch
Casey Jones’ legs
Body Slammin’ Mike’s cape
Killer Bee’s chainsaw


Donny Krueger:
Undercover Don’s hat
Punker Don’s face and legs
Star Trek Turtle’s body and arms
Robotic Bebop’s glove


Raph Voorhees:
Casy Jones’ mask
Somebody’s head (I can’t remember at this point)
Road Racin’ Mike’s body and arms
Make My Day Leo’s legs
Some weapon that I can’t remember