Support Indie Animated Horror ‘Tea Leaves’

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You might remember a Short of the Week we featured a while back called Heart of Dust. The short, created by Louise Keay Bell – a member of the Popcorn Horror family – was based on the true stories of former asylum patients. Louise is now set to follow up her directorial debut with a film blending live action and traditional animation.

Tea Leaves is currently crowdfunding via Kickstarter, seeking funding to tell the story of three spirits summoned using an Ouija board. Tea Leaves is a horror/comedy short film combining animation with live action. It tells the surreal story of three different supernatural spirits who meet at a ouija board seance; a Wendigo, a Banshee and a cat ghost. Chaos quickly ensues before the spirits come to a resolution.


Louise has a passion for abandoned locations, and has written about them in our magazine. Like Heart of Dust, Tea Leaves takes place in an abandoned building as ghost hunters attempt to contact otherworldly spirits.

The Wendigo and Banshee will be actors in costume, photographed to move like stop-motion puppets. This is a technique known as Pixilation animation. This style of movement will add a bizarre sense of unearthliness, combining animation with the real world. The adorable ghostly kitty with be animated traditionally and superimposed in to the film.

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Please support this dark and quirky film on Kickstarter and choose from a selection of adorably creepy rewards.