Tea Leaves – The Ghostly Film Stuck in Limbo

Indiegogo image

by director Louise Keay Bell

Tea Leaves is a short horror comedy film combining live action with animation. We’re crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and your help is needed to bring this quirky little film to life.

The story begins in an old abandoned mansion where a group of self assured ghost hunters are holding a séance with a ouija board. In an alternate spirit world, we meet a stern Wendigo demon summoned to perform his demon duty. He is bored with his job and has grown tiresome of silly humans summoning him. He thinks this should be an easy task until he comes face to face with the chaotic Banshee; an emotionally charged spirit who haunts the mansion and is intent on wreaking havoc. A little stray ghost cat also joins the séance, simply wanting to play with the ouija board. Chaos quickly ensues before the spirits come to a resolution.

The film will combine live action with animation, creating a contrast between the real world and the bizarre netherworld that the spirits inhabit. The Wendigo and Banshee will be actors in costume photographed to move like stop motion puppets. The cat ghost will be hand drawn animation superimposed into the film.

I will be responsible for directing and animating the film, and I’m working with a talented team to bring my vision to life. We are a group of artists and performers hoping to launch our careers and to create something that’s both fun and unsettling. I’m a graduate from the Animation course at Edinburgh College of Art hoping to pursue my film directing ambitions. Unfortunately due to a lack of support from the Scottish film industry for new filmmakers, we are completely relying on Indiegogo to fund this project.

We previously ran a Kickstarter campaign which gained a lot of fans, including support from Marilyn Manson. Unfortunately we were just short of reaching our target, and so we didn’t receive the money as this was an all or nothing campaign. I decided not to give up and have relaunched the campaign on Indiegogo, which allows greater flexibility for funding.


The ghosts of Tea Leaves have also decided to take matters into their own claws… We shot a humorous promotional video in which the three spirits have decided to move in with me, and will haunt me until the money is raised for their film. The ghosts have taken on a life of their own and have been gaining followers online. They have their own Twitter accounts where they regularly post their shenanigans and social commentary. We’ve been busy handing out fliers to promote the film, and last week we also made a prank video where we surprised strangers on Omegle.

If you make a pledge on Indiegogo, not only will you be helping to support indie horror, you’ll also get to choose from a variety of spooky rewards. There are art prints, t-shirts, lapel pins, illustration booklets, handmade masks, original artwork and props from the film.

Please support us so we can bring Tea Leaves to life, and so the ghosts can happily return back to the Netherworld where they belong!

Exclusive Tea Leaves art will be available to check out in the upcoming Popcorn Horror magazine – released 16th June.

You can also check out the ghostly characters in action in the video below.