Target’s New Halloween Decorations Are Genuinely Unsettling

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve started to see stores preparing for Halloween 2020. Despite the pandemic shutting many traditional attractions and activities, many are embracing the idea of a socially distanced spooky holiday.

If you are looking to further encourage folks to keep their distance, one option could be filling your yard with some of Target’s latest decor offerings! The chain is known for its expansive Halloween ranges, but some of this year’s items seem to be slightly more sinister than you might expect. These decorations are sure to scare off trick or treaters.

Including a bizarre cult worship scene, and a demon baby – they stand out against the normal fare of cartoon bats and light up pumpkins. Some have a rustic, folk horror vibe and are genuinely unsettling to look at.

Will you be adding any of these nightmarish items to your Halloween decor this October?


Lil Sweet Vengeance Doll
Clown Ferris Wheel
Ghostly Tricycle
Rocking Ducky Doll
Ring Around The Rosie
Creepy baby