Talented Makeup Artist Gives Christmas A Creepy Spin


Brittni Price is a 24-year-old self-taught makeup artist and body and face painter in Atlanta, GA. After losing her job, Price found herself practicing what she really loves, make-up.


Last December, Price set herself the challenge of creating unique and creative makeup designs based on a Christmas theme. Here festive pieces really showcase a spookier side to the holiday – with demonic snowmen, skeletons in wrapping paper and Jack Skellington inspired looks.


“Around the end of November, I came across . I decided “why not take a stab at it?”. So on December 1st, using the makeup I had and acrylic paint, I sat on my bathroom counter blending and painting away my own interpretations of the pre-created list counting down ’til Christmas. Most looks took 2-6 hours depending on the detail or on myself being anal retentive. I also made prosthetics out of aluminum foil, lots of adhesive and toilet paper. About a week into the challenge a close friend gave me some professional body paints,” she explains.

Which of these spooky festive designs is your favourite?




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