Would You Take A Bite of This ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Cake?

Spooky children of the 80s have a special fondness for Garbage Pail Kids. The collectible cards were almost anti-heroes for the misunderstood kids, with gross humor and grisly fates in store for the characters.

The sticky, gooey and gory nature of the cards probably didn’t lend itself well to food, but Sideserf Cake Studio managed to recreated the craze in cake form. Cake artist Natalie Sideserf has made a name for herself with some of the most intricate cake sculptures in the world. Working with her husband Dave, this young couple creates the most amazing cakes their beloved city of Austin has ever seen. Sideserf Cake Studio is also the focal point of the series Texas Cake House on Food Network.

The cake is modeled on the character ‘Adam Bomb’ and manages to capture the fun of the series perfectly. Let’s just hope the cake isn’t filled with worms or spiders!

Watch the video below to see how this unique cake was created.