“Support Scottish Film” Scream The Zombies

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As Scottish zombie horror Plan Z arrives on DVD and digital platforms, actor and producer Mark Paul Wake has called for the people of Scotland to rally behind the film.

Plan Z, the new feature film from BAFTA winner Stuart Brennan is available from ASDA, SkyStore and iTunes.

It has been the culmination of three years work and a dream come true for Dunfermline resident Mark Paul Wake, as he not only got to star in the film, but also Produce it as well.

“I was born and raised in Scotland, I live in Scotland and I want to work in Scotland. But there are so few opportunities to work in film up here. When I heard Stuart was planning his next feature film, I quickly told him he needed to set it in Scotland and come up here to film it.” say’s Wake, who won the British Independent Film Festival’s prestigious Best Actor award in 2010 and toured with Brennan on the UK & Ireland stage tour of ‘Houdini’.


“It wasn’t easy, we have so little infrastructure, we have less actors up here than London and we have fewer crew. But we have passion, we have amazing locations and we have some real talent. He came up here on a location scout and next thing I knew we had secured it for Scotland!” continues Mark. “It was a really fun shoot, with a completely Scottish crew (other than Brennan) and a number of local actors involved.”

The film was co-produced by Zoghogg Studios, David Izatt’s company based in Dunfermline and the films setting was changed to Scotland. Brennan couldn’t have been happier: “The moment I came to Scotland, met the people, met the crew, saw the locations, I was hooked. It’s beautiful, the people are amazing and the crew were highly professional. It’s a great place to film.”

The team has worked together on two more films coming out this year, including a Napoleonic war horror ‘The Necromancer’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’, both shot in Scotland, with Scottish crews and featuring local talent.


“This is the beginning. We’ve already wrapped shooting on two more movies here since Plan Z and have several others in the pipeline. But the next step is releasing the films. Which is where we need support. If we want to continue making films here and creating opportunities for people, we need the Scottish people to get behind the movie and buy it, rent it, talk about it. The better this film does, the better the benefits for everyone.” Mark explains.

Filming took place in Kinross, Dunfermline, Perth and the Isle of Skye, as well as many more secluded spots across the Highlands. Some second unit filming also took place in Verona, Italy, Chicago, USA and London.

Brennan recently won Best Director at Horrorhound for the movie, one of the largest horror festivals in the USA. He was also nominated for Best Actor and the film for Best Picture. They won Best Foreign Film at the Canadian Independent Film Festival and have screened around the world, leading up to the release.


One man has a plan for the end of the world. When a zombie apocalypse happens, will it be enough… Mark is positive you’ll enjoy it: “It’s thrilling, from start to finish and I hope people come out and support us, you’ll be scared, entertained and left thinking in equal measure. What’s your Plan Z?”

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