7 Reasons To Support Indie Horror ‘Nefarious’ in the Final Days of it’s Campaign

If you’ve been following our social media, you’ll know that we’re big supporters of Nefarious; an independent horror feature seeking funding on Kickstarter. The home invasion horror is the second film from Richard Rowntree and Ash Mountain Films, and it’s campaign comes to a close this week. The team are incredibly close to achieving their target, and with less than a week left remaining – we’d love to see them hit the goal and be able to make this film.

You can keep up to date with the project, and back the film on Kickstarter here. In case you’re not convinced, here’s seven reasons you should consider supporting Nefarious!

‘Nefarious’ Artwork

1. The Team Have A Proven Horror Record

In fact, they’ve won tones of awards! Director Richard Rowntree released his debut film Dogged a few years ago, and the eerie folk-horror tale performed very well at horror festivals across the world. We gave it the top award last year at Glasgow Horror Festival, and it remains one of the UKs most successful horror films funded through Kickstarter.

2. It’s Bringing An Innovative New Take on Home-Invasion Horror

Not only that, but Nefarious is set to bring more than tense chases and loud scares to the genre. Joining the ranks of films like The Purge and You’re Next – the invasion of the film takes place in a gritty, real world setting and will reflect themes of poverty, mental health and disability.

3. The Characters are Non-Stereotypical and will Bring Realism to the story. 

Darren, Lou, Jo and Mas live a meagre existence on the fringes of poverty. Indebted to the criminal kingpin of their social housing development, they routinely fear for their lives. On the other side of town, the already wealthy Marcus and his mentally handicapped brother Clive receive a windfall in the form of a winning lottery ticket.

When their worlds collide following a botched robbery, the would-be criminals get more than they bargained for, and will be tested to their limits in a desperate attempt to survive a predator of monstrous proportions. This is certainly not a film about archetypal teens being killed off by a masked slasher.

Richard picking up an award at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, Nov 2017

4. It Looks Set To Be Genuinely Scary

Where do we feel most safe – protected from the evils of the outside world? At home. In Nefarious, Ash Mountain Films will be shattering that feeling of safety. Rowntree’s first film Dogged was grounded in reality and showed very believable characters and relationships being plunged into a dark, occult world. Nefarious is set to do the same for the criminal underworld of the UK

5. The Team Can Achieve A Lot With A Small Budget

Dogged has performed amazingly well – with a great reception from horror critics, fans and festivals around the globe. Yet, the film was made for only £15, 000. Instead of throwing more money at the major horror distributors – we’d consider an investment in this film a much more valuable way to spend your horror fund.

6. There Are Some Great Rewards For Backing

Unlike paying to see the latest blockbuster, backing Dogged allows fans to connect with the film’s creators in meaningful ways and pick up some cool pieces of indie horror history. There’s the opportunity to be an extra in the final film, tickets for cast and crew screenings, merchandise, DVDs, scripts and more on offer if you support the film on Kickstarter.

From Dogged

7. The Film is Coming From A Team Who Are Passionate About and Understand Horror

It can feel like the major horror films are churned out for Halloween profits by people who don’t really understand the genre. The director of Nefarious, and the rest of the team are genuine horror fanatics who understand what horror fans want from a film. Lead actor Toby Wynn-Davies starred in Escape from Cannibal Farm, Horror fans may recognize actor Aaron Thomas Ward from his lead role in Crypt TV’s massively popular short film “The Birch”Nadia Lamin has also starred in shorts including Patrick Ryders’s “Chimera” and “Dirge”.

Head over to Kickstarter now to support Nefarious.