Why Should You Support Indie Horror Festivals?

If you live near a major city, chances are you have a local horror festival or convention. Many horror fans see the major releases in theaters, yet the community is often in despair at the lack of originality and stream of reboots hitting cinemas.

We have an alternative solution. Your local horror festival most likely offers a curated selection of innovative new films from indie directors. Several horror sub-genres are seeing a revival in these circuits – among them folk-horror, body horror and horror comedies. They often offer more than films as part of the line up – at a fraction of the cost of seeing films in the cinema, or at the major festivals.

This October, Popcorn Horror is hosting the 100% independent Glasgow Horror Fest 2018. There’s a huge amount of horror to look forward to, a full two-day Halloween weekend of activity coming to the heart of our home city.

Check out our infographic on why horror fans should support their local independent festivals and conventions, and find out more about Glasgow Horror Fest here.


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