10 Summer Items For The Everyday Horror Fan




1. the warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from

June toAugust and in the southern hemisphere from December to February.

“this plant  fruits late in the summer”



I have some terrible news. There are very few products for the horror fan to express themselves in all their horror-loving glory during the summer months (unless like me you are a DIY-er).

I tried to find you sportswear, I tried to find you smartly designed beach towels, I tried to find you terrifically horrific gazebos, I tried to find you more than Halloween Frisbees; I spent at least an hour trying to track down the source of a “Jaws” style paddling pool – no luck.

Definitely an untapped market, summer gear for the horror fan still has a long way to go. There is so much more to be offered to us beyond gothic accessories; I mean come on, we’re fans of a genre, we don’t need vampire sunblock. We need Wednesday Adams inspired swimwear and giant pumpkin garden fire pits and we definitely need that “Jaws” inspired kiddie swimming pool.

So from these slim online pickin’s, here are 10 summer items to get yourself kitted out with for those lazy days trying to survive the heat with ice and festivities out in the yard.

1. An Ice Cube Tray


It’s hot, you need ice. It’s the foundation of any hot day drink, so it only makes sense as a horror fan to use bones… With a silicone skeleton frame, Mr. Bones will create a party in your glass as the ice melts, “for beverages chilled to the bone”.

You can get your own Mr. Bones by Fred and Friends HERE. He’ll make the perfect summer buddy.

2. A Cocktail Glass


You can’t have ice without a glass, so why not co-ordinate and cocktail it up in style. This 700ml glass will have you stumbling from the deckchair to the kitchen for seconds in no time.

You can get your own cocktail skull HERE.

3. A Summer Menu


Don’t get stuck in a rut with your run of the mill cocktails and snacks over the summer, gruesome them up and get inspired over the summer months with ‘Cuisine From Beyond’ by Rachael Hill. Get your friends round and have a BBQ, wow your kid’s friends when they’re over for a birthday party with unique horror inspired treats, or if you’re not a cook just give it a read while you sunbathe and order yourself a pizza. If you love Lovecraft, and of course you do, this is the perfect little book to tear in to over the summer.

You can get your copy HERE.

4. A Coffin Cooler


Now I’d bet this would double as a tiny toddler pool for all those horror fan parents out there, or a tiny adult pool for those horror fans who have had one to many. At approximately 30” by 54” onceinflated, the coffin is to be filled with ice before it is ready to keep your drinks and snacks cool.

You can getyour foldaway coffin cooler HERE.

5. A Killer Bikini

summer horror

Flaunt your love of the good old slasher movie with this ironically revealing Jason bikini.

The Killkini 13 is a special effects, silicone Brazilian bikini made by Blood Lust Productions. These bikinis can be worn in chlorinated, salt and fresh water and come in a range of colours and with a choice of special effect (such as glow in the dark or 3D).

Get your hands on Jason HERE.

6. A Bowl Of Course


You can get cereal bowls and soup bowls – but an ice cream bowl? Sure, why not. We’re horror fans so what better way to cool down in the hot sun? Really, who wants a plain old no-nonsense bowl when you can have a chuckle to yourself every time your significant other brings you some ice cream in this “Scream” bowl; made at Lenny Mud.

Tell those loser non-horror fans to stick their cones cos we’ve got something worth screaming about.

Get yours HERE.

7. A Tiny Jaws


Jaws knows what he’s doing; he’s a pro with three rows of choppers ready to make wrecks out of those bottle caps.

This official “Jaws” collectible stainless steel bottle opener is the perfect little retro companion whether you’re having a few at a BBQ or at the beach…

Get yours HERE.

8. A Perfect Garden Ornament


Forget gnomes this summer, they’ve gone fishing. For you gardening horror fans there is nothing more suitable for your patch of land than a zombie. Equipped with a solar lantern, your zombie garden buddy will help you see your way back to the house after a long day (and night) of garden partying.

Adopt yours HERE.

9. A Summer-y Print

summer horror

Get your house ready for a delightfully horrifying summer by getting the décor more in tune with the season. This print takes that well known ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ and turns it in to a dark and disturbing summer folktale. Original artwork by Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler; this print is sold under the business title My Good Babushka (writing is not on the sold prints).

Get your copy HERE.

10. A Perfect Pair of Shades


These edgy steampunk style shades have definitely been worn in a vampire film somewhere. Straight from the 1980s, these sunglasses are sold by Hite Designs who specialise in vintage and hard to find 1980s accessories.

Is there a better time of year to vamp it up? Get your pair HERE.

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