Why Students Like Horrors

Description: Students are known for their love of watching horror films. What makes them experience unpleasant emotions and how it affects daily life? Learn it in this article.

Why Students Like Horrors

Current news feeds make people terrified and anxious. Yesterday we saw the footage of fury of nature during the flood, today the phantom of a nuclear war is coming up out of nowhere or a student is shooting his peers and teachers for no apparent reason. The really terrible things are happening in the world, nevertheless, people like watching horrors and experience fear again and again. If you type a query “Why do people like horror? on the Internet, you’ll find a lot of psychologists’ opinions on this subject. So, let’s take a look at the most common reasons why some people are addicted to scary movies.

The Effect of Horror Movies on Our Nervous System

Oddly enough, but after seeing vampires,  the deads and werewolves in widescreen, a person’s level of nervous system reaction to stress and anxiety decreases. This is because a person experiences two types of fears. Our daily life can be poisoned by nervous anxiety of a general nature: fear of losing loved ones, risk of job loss, poverty, troubles with our friends or colleagues or a sudden serious illness… But there is also animal fear that we experience when a murderer’s face appears in a dark alley or criminals break down the door of the house. In this case, fear we experience has therapeutic value for those who suffer from an increased level of anxiety: the horror of direct action displaces abstract worries.

Horror Movies Help You Make Friends

The fact is that people are especially strongly united by jointly experienced emotions. As fun as that sounds, students are most often united by fear of failing exams or looking for help with college paper. But there’ll be for everything and don’t forget about entertainment, for example, going to the cinema to watch a horror movie. Fears experienced while watching a thriller, enhance the unity if you go to the movies as a friendly team. Nobody’s canceled heated debates of the movie’s plot and its actors as well as your criticism regarding the latest masterpiece. You can always find scary movie lovers who are on the same wavelength.

Need for Excitement

We need excitement because of adventurism in our blood. We are lack of thrill in modern society. We are watching a movie about a sinister ripper: our heart rate increases, blood pressure goes up, palms are sweating and our skin is covered with goosebumps… But at the same time, the part of the brain which is responsible for intellectual activity says “You are completely safe” and this safety risk situation brings satisfaction at the physiological level. There are people for whom horror therapy can’t be recommended. Firstly, these are introverts — unsociable people who are immersed in their inner world. They will keep all the received portion of nightmares in themselves. An ideal horror movie watcher is an extrovert who will immediately spring all overwhelming emotions on his neighbor’s head. Secondly, people, who have become victims of crime, are discouraged from watching horrors. This can bring back traumatic personal experiences and make the situation worse.

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