Student Hobbies That Can Improve Your Concentration


The modern world is plagued by numerous distractions. Digitally, the world has not been as connected as it is in the present time. The internet has virtually created a global network that can instantaneously connect one node of the network to another, regardless of the location. 

Paradoxically, the accessibility to information in various formats and being bombarded with information by the media has made us constantly distracted, constantly needing ways to compact information because of shorter attention spans. Here are some relevant tips on hobbies that can help sharpen concentration and focus.

With improved focus, paving the road to your dreams can be faster. As relevant as this may be, it’s important to take a break from time to time. Need inspiration? Think about your favorite famous writers or famous poets as well as their work. What do you think they did to stay focused?

It is important to not overwhelm yourself with the information given below. Instead of taking up too many activities, create a realistic and organized schedule that feels manageable.

1. Meditation

There have been numerous studies proving that meditation can increase one’s ability to focus for longer periods, while simultaneously improving the accuracy of execution. 

  • Studies show that meditating for 13 minutes daily for only 8 weeks can have a positive impact on your focus
  • There is a possibility that meditation may even reverse patterns in the brain that can cause poor attention, anxiety, and distraction
  • Stabilizes mood so that students can have a clear mind before starting academic tasks. 

2. Reading

Reading is a great way to train your brain to concentrate. Moreover, it is an entertaining way to achieve this. Students can read books that suit their personal taste, or pick up an educational book, giving them the option to learn something new while improving their focus.

3. Exercise

Exercise releases chemicals called endorphins, which can enable students to be energized and positive. It is a good idea to exercise as a form of pause from concentrating on tasks. The pain-killing benefits of endorphins can help students tackle tasks with more ease.

4. Adequate Amount of Sleep

Sleep is obviously an important factor for an all-around healthy and good mental and physical state. Having enough sleep consistently will guarantee that students can have a stable and enduring physique, which simultaneously will guarantee them a better possibility of being able to concentrate efficiently on what they have to do. 

Napping might not seem like it, but it can actually be classified as a hobby. In our fast-paced world, it seems that constructive pause is overlooked. Logically, if students take naps during their days, they can refresh their whole state, and give them more momentum to continue any responsibilities.

5. Learning an Instrument or Starting an Artistic Endeavor

The mental focus needed to learn an instrument will evidently train students’ minds to concentrate. Moreover, learning an instrument can become quite fulfilling, especially if the student genuinely enjoys it. It will also increase their determination.

 Additionally, picking up an artistic hobby can reduce stress, boost creative thinking, and again increase the ability to concentrate on a task. The plus side is that it is not a dry and methodical process, but holistic and imaginative.

6. Listening to Music That Helps the Mind Focus

There are plenty of playlists on Youtube or Spotify that are made for moments when you need focus: Lofi, binaural beats, and playlists set to specific frequencies (Hz). Although this method might not work for everyone, many people use these playlists and their popularity is quite evident.

The trick to this is the repetitiveness of the sounds – this usually puts people in a trance, or as some like to call it the ‘flow state’.

7. Video games

One study conducted on 29 male students showed that an hour of playing video games actually improved the brain’s capacity to focus, and increased the overall activity in the brain. Quite surprising right? However, video games are highly addictive as well, which is the downside to this method.

Although, if you have enough self-discipline, you can play video games responsibly, and get back to your tasks with a sharper focus.


Concentration is an essential skill to improve if the students are motivated to the overall betterment of their lives. It is not only a relevant factor for academic obstacles. The capability to concentrate at will and without any problems can seriously increase the quality of one’s life.

Whether a student is trying to focus on achieving their goals, leveling up their expertise in a field, or just focusing on being more present at the moment, concentration can ultimately contribute to a more lucid, aware, and confident state of being. In the end, focusing on a task will guarantee its successful completion.

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