Straywind: Amazing Trick R Treat Cosplay


“Straywind (aka Rebecca) has been Cosplaying since 2001 and has created a variety of Anime, Manga, video game and horror character costumes. As of 2007, she shifted her Cosplay focus towards survival horror video game costume and has made numerous costumes from the Silent Hill and Resident Evil game franchises. Before the release of the horror movie Trick ‘rTreat, she became drawn to the character design for Halloween’s protector, Sam. Straywind is a huge fan of Halloween and never misses a chance to celebrate the holiday; especially if it involves carving dozens of pumpkins with her friends for a Trick‘r Treat shoot!”

Check out more pictures from this shoot below.

Find out more about Rebecca’s cosplay work at her official website.

You can also check out her work on DeviantART.

Here is some more of Rebecca’s cosplays. The photos are by Stillvisions.