Bizarre ‘Stranger Things’ Merchandise You Can Actually Buy

Netflix’s hit horror show Stranger Things is one the the biggest horror releases of the last five years. The series has acquired fans from all over the world and as they binge watch the third season – the demand for merchandise related to the show is on the rise. Of course, there are the expected T-Shirts and posters – but Stranger Things does seem to inspire more…well, strange merchandise. Even the Wall Street Journal weighed in on the huge range of products linked to the show.  Here’s some of the unusual and bizarre Stranger Things merch that we’ve found.

Demogorgon Yard Sprinkler

Do you have a neighbour you strongly dislike? Now you can spray water in their face while convincing them they are about to be eaten by a mythical monster! This 6 and a half foot tall yard sprinkler might be for you. It even comes in retro packaging reflecting the 80s setting of the show.

Beverage Boats 

These Beverage Boats are part of a line of products that promise to bring the Upsidedown closer to fans of the series. The company actually make many novelty pool items, but this has to be one of their most unique.

Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Van

Yes, now you can get your Stranger Things branded ice-cream in selected locations in the UK. The upside-down Scoops Ahoy ice cream van, complete with eerie Stranger Things melodic chimes inspired by the soundtrack, features two sides – a 1980s ice-cream parlour in pastel pinks, blues and whites, and a dark side straight out of the famous Stranger Things ‘upside-down’ world.

The Parody Cookbook

I don’t know about you guys, but nothing about the series’ gruesome monsters inspired me to cook. Some of the recipes included in this cookbook are; Demogorgon-zola Tartlets, Friends Don’t Li(m)e Pie, Baked Brenners, and Barb’s Mystery Dip. We do have to admit though, the string light cupcakes are pretty cute.

Stranger Things Inflatable Sensory Deprivation Pool

Yes,  you can pretend like you’re at Hawkins National Laboratory and create your own makeshift sensory deprivation pool! We would put money on this being the first horror franchise branded sensory deprivation pool. Maybe not one for the kids to paddle in!

Where’s Barb?

Proving that nothing from the 80s can escape the Stranger Things takeover – Where’s Waldo (or Wally here in the UK) has been overtake by the Upsidedown. The book also assures fans that it is ‘perfect if you’re trying to pass the time while your best friend is getting busy with her boyfriend’.

The Stranger Things Burger

It’s literally an Upside-Down Whopper.

New Coke

Children of the 80s will no doubt remember the marketing disaster that was ‘New Coke’. Now the failed beverage is making a comeback in this branding team up.

Dog Costumes 

Want a pet Demogorgon but don’t want to deal with the mess? Now you can dress up your dog and presented he’s an evil inter-dimensional being.

A Polaroid Camera 

Polaroid are another brand who teamed up with Netflix, and the result is this nostalgic camera design. Now you can relive the 80s, with the description explaining “The upside down: Our new Stranger Things edition camera is inspired by the “upside down” But please operate the camera right side up in real life Use”

Stranger Things Chia Pet 

Something else from the 1980s that no-one asked to make a comeback.