The Stranger iTunes Release and Contest


This morning we unveiled our joining the CryptTV CryptFamily, and the exciting things this would mean for Popcorn Horror fans. We are very pleased to reveal that later today we will be going live with our first contest in conjunction with the CryptFamily. The contest marks the release of The Stranger, produced by Crypt founder Eli Roth, on to the iTunes platform.

A supernatural thriller, laced by flashbacks, and set in Canada’s North-West, The Stranger turns on the mysterious titular figure of Martin, who comes to a small quiet town seeking to kill his wife Ana who suffers from a very dangerous decease that makes her addicted to human blood – just like himself-. However, when he arrives to the town, he discovers that Ana has been dead for a couple of years and decides to commit suicide to definitely eradicate this dangerous decease, but, before he can do it, Martin’s brutally attacked by three local thugs led by Caleb, the son of a corrupt police lieutenant, and the incident suddenly starts a snowball that will plunge the community into a bloodbath.

Director Guillermo Amoedo Schultze is a Uruguayan director/screenwriter, working in Santiago, Chile since 2007. Amoedo is the cowriter, with Nicolás López, of the films Que Pena Tu Vida (2010), Que Pena Tu Boda (2011), Que Pena Tu Familia (2012) and My Best Worst Friends (2013) and, with Eli Roth, on the films Aftershock (2012), The Green Inferno (2013) and Knock, Knock (2014).

Filmmaker Eli Roth, who produced The Stranger, burst onto the film scene at the 2002 Toronto Film Festival, with his directorial debut Cabin Fever. The film was made independently for a budget of $1.5 million dollars, sparked a frenzied seven-studio bidding war, and went on to be Lionsgate’s highest grossing film that year. Roth’s follow-up film, Hostel which he wrote, produced and directed, earned him critical praise and was a massive worldwide hit, spawning a successful sequel, Hostel Part II, also written and directed by Roth. Most recently, Roth co-wrote, produced and directed the highly anticipated horror film, The Green Inferno, filmed on location in the Amazon, Roth filmed deeper into the jungle than any previous film.

At 7:00Pm this evening (11AM PST), head over to the CryptTV Facebook for an awesome Crypt Family contest. There’s a chance to have your experiences turned into a short film, plus signed DVDs up for grabs.